October 13, 2015


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Sister Campos


Hello Everybody!

First, Happy Happy Birthday Grandma Peggy and Elias!! I hope that you guys had a fantastic day celebrating you! I love and miss you both! Hugs and Kisses! Know that i was thinking about you!

Secondly, sorry that I didnt email yesterday! It was a holiday here and everything was closed!! But, I am alive, promise! ;) Haha!

This week we had one of our Investigators get married! Yay! They had to get married before he could be Baptized, so they got married! It was Carlos. It was a great little wedding with good food and more food than i could imagine! My goodness! But, all is well! So Carlos will be baptized this Saturday and after we are going to have a ward activity! It is a lot of great opportunities for us as missionaries to invite everyone to see and participate, members and non-members!

We had Stake Conference this las weekend too and it was sheeky! (That is a work here for really great!) Our Presidente da Missão and his wife both spoke at the Adult session, and at the Sunday session! It was really awesome! They met our investigators that we brought with us both days and it was really neat! I love our Mission President and his wife! They are awesome people and just great all around!

Yesterday, since it was a holiday, one of the Members in a ward of some missionaries in our zone, invited us to have a Churrasco at his house with his family! A Churrasco is kind of like a Barbeque! It was awesome! What was even better, was that they live on the Air Base here in Cumbica, São Paulo! So we went there and spent the day there with them playing games and eating and talking and eating more! Let me tell you, Brazilians know how to feast! My goodness! Haha! The meat was delicious though! And they have something here called farofa, that you eat with meat and beans and rice, and they had some from the Northern part of Brazil, and it was so yummy! And we had 3 gallons of Ice Cream de Pineapple and it was almost gone!! I could not believe it!! I am still in shock about that! And they had the biggest watermelon I have seen in my life! It was yummy too! And this, my dear friends, is why i will be 25 pounds heavier when i return. Just a warning. But we drove around and saw some old planes and a tank, and the Air Base literally backs up to the Guarulhos Airport!! So we went and watched planes take off and land and then that night we returned and watched them in the dark and it was so pretty and so neat! It was a great P-Day nonetheless! I also got my first burn yesterday! It isnt too bad, but i am excited to finally start my tan! I will have some awesome tan lines when i come home! Haha!

This next week we will be going to the Temple, and i am Super pumped for this too! Yay!

Oh! We have an Investigator named Ilson, and he has a daughter Joyce, and they are just perfect! I love them! They are great people and progressing wonderfully, they are like my second family here. Anyways, one day we passed by his salon to mark a lesson with them, and he asked if he could do my eyebrows! I couldnt really say no!! Oh man, I was so nervous!! What is it with people wanting to cut my hair and fix my eyebrows spontaneously here?! Haha! So i closed my eyes and he went to work! They actually turned out really well, so i am grateful for that! I just thought it was kind of funny! These things just happen unplanned here!

And now i will end my emial becuse i just accidentally erased it all and thang goodness found a way to save it!! What a blessing!! But, I know that i am where i need to be. It is really difficult at times to remember what I am doing here and to feel adequate to do this work, but I know that I am doing the Lords will and that is what is impportant. Isiah 41:10 helps me a lot too. And I will say again, the power and importance of prayer, scriptures, and going to Church every week, is more than I can put into words, so i beg of you all, to continure doing these things and get to know your Savior better every day. That is my little thought for the week haha :) I love you all and thank you eternally for all of your support, help, and love! I really can feel it all of these miles away!

Have a wonderful semana Amigos!

Love Always,
Sister Kinnaman :)


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