September 28, 2015


Nova Cidade


Sister Campos

First Transfer Finished!

Oi Queirdos!

This week has been a crazy busy fun week! First of all, We weren't transferred! Yay! What a blessing! So we will be here in Nova Cidade for the next six weeks! Guys, I have been out for almost three months already! Oh how the time is passing! Certainly I have days that are much slower than others, but the time passes so quickly! Every week is shorter than the last! It is like some sort of magic trick or something! I cant figure out how it happens!

We had divisions this week and that is where you switch companions with another companionship for 24 hours. I was scared out of my mind to do this becuase i didnt know how it would be and if i would be able to communicate with her, but it was awesome in the end! She was a really neat girl and i learned a lot of things from her! When we were switching back companions, lucky me, i got to sit on an Ônibus for over three hours! yay! hah! It wasnt that terrible, but it was definately a long time! But it was worth it! Oh, also, speaking of the Ôonibus, I chased one down earlier this week! There was a kid that dropped something as he was walking to the bus, so i picked it up and went to give it to him, but the bus was already closing the doors and was a bit of distance away. So, what did I do? I ran and chased it down! haha! Thankfully he stopped and i was able to give the boy what he dropped. I thought it was a bit funny! What a new experience!

I bought my first Brasilian Jersey this week! It is great! I love it and want to get more! Also here truffle chocolates are a big thing and there is a very humble family in our ward taht sells them, so we always buy them from them and they are delicious! Apparently now that exchange from $1 to Reis (which is the currency here) is almost $R 5! So one dollar here is 5 reis! I am still getting used to the money system here. Everything seems so expensive! But in reality, it is very cheap. But it is great learning new things!

I finally mastered French Toast on a fire stove! Yes! After many failed attempts, I can now cook French Toast here! It is difficult for me, cooking here. But it is fun to learn and I can always laugh at myself when it doesn't go right! :)

This week at a mambers house I ate Cocoa. Real cocoa! Like from the plant! It is soo neat! I never know that it came from a fruit! If you guys have time, i look up the cocoa plant! The outside of the actual chocolate part is all white and really sweet! The foods here are so neat!

The heat has stopped for the last three days now and has been rainy and the perfect tempertaure if you ask me! It is supposed to rain all week here too! yay! I prefer the rain over the heat, just saying.

This week is General Conference too! yay! I dont know how much of it I will actually understand, but I know i will feel the spirit, and that is what is most important. The work here is going good! I am so greateful for this opportunity I have to do the same work that the Savior did when He was here on the Earth. What a blessing it has been in my life already. I become closer to Heavenly Father and The Savior every day. As i have said many times before, the power of prayer is more than i have words to describe. Please, please, please, say your prayers daily and often every day. Heavenly Father wants to hear from you! And also always remember that you have a Father in Heaven who loves you, and you have an Older Brother, Jesus Christ, who loves you more than you can ever comprehend. I know that this is true.

Anyways, that is a small summary of my week here in Brasil! I hope that everyone is alive and doing well! Know that i miss you all! And love you all! Have a great week my Lovelies!

Com MUITO Amor,
Sister Kinnaman :)


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