September 14, 2015


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Sister Campos

Freezing rain!

Querida Amigos e Familiar,

This week has been FREEZING!! So much rain and wind and cold! Holy Moly! Seriously, so cold. I thought I was in Alaska! And keep in mind, I packed for Brasil. Hot Brasil. So I dont have any long skirts or long sleeved shirts or a jacket for cold, and everything is thin. So that has been super fun! haha! And it is truly a miracle that I am not still sick. Last Tuesday was crazy with wind and rain! People who have lived in Brasil for quite some time said that they had never seen rain like that before! Roofs were flying and everything! And as missionaries, we still have to work, so we were basically completely soaking wet. Especially my shoes! Haha! It was definately an experience! I need to invest in some rain boots! And a jacket! But it is São Paulo, you never know how the weather will be because in the morning it iwll be warm and sunny, and then in a matter of seconds, it will be a down pour and freezing! But that is just São Paulo, and i have learned to love it :) Oh, the other night i was so cold and had layers of clothes and a big fuzzy blanket, but still cold, and from the other side of the room, all of a sudden i saw my blowdryer and i heard angels singing! I was sitting on the gound with the blowdryer warming me up! It was ingenious! What a blessing :)

This week we had a Mission Conference and it was awesome! Elder Mezzegarde from the 70 came and spoke to us! It was awesome! And during lunch, President Silcox and Sister Silcox, just to happened to sit with us! How cool! So that was really neat! Apparently i am doing really well with the Language becuaes somehow President and Sister Silcox heard that i was doing really well and they said something about it to me! I was the only American there that refused to speak English with other Americanos! Nobody believed me that i had only had three weeks in the field! What a blessing the Lord has given me to be able to speak the language somewhat decently. Because i know that it wasnt me!

I finally made Brownies! Whoo! They were good, a little bit different than normal, but i want to try again! Ramón and Jessica loved them! Oh, we are helping them prepare to go to the TEmple to do Baptism´s for the Dead! They are going to be Sealed while i am still here in Brazil, so i hope that i will be able to attend! I love the people here so much and am so grateful for this time to dedicate to the Lord and help other people strenghten their relationship with they Father in Heaven and their Savior. The work here is difficult, but it is good.

One more thing, there is a cat in our room that is taunting us! The cieling has almost fallen in a few times becuase of the cat! It must be one big cat! But it is kind of funny! Just a little fun fact for the week haha!

Anyways, so glad to hear that everyone is doing so great! I am always here if anybody needs anything and know that i am praying for all of you everyday. Oh, one thing i really liked from the Conference, was that he asked us if we knew how many people were praying for us? And it made me stop and think about it, and there are many. Primarily, thank you. And secondly, i want to ask you guys the same thing, do you know how many people are praying for you every single day? Let me tell you, that there are many. You are all loved by so many people, but most importantly, you have a Loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that love you so much. You are never alone :)

Much love from Brasil!

Sister Kinnaman

(It is funny when people see my name here and try to pronunce it! It is great!)


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