September 7, 2015


Nova Cidade


Sister Campos

Week 10!!!

Oi Familiar e Amigos!

First off, it has been a journey to find a place that is open with Internet today! It is the Day of Independence for them, (like our 4th of July) and all of the ones close to us, were closed! But, what a blessing that we finally found one!
Well this last week has gone by super duper fast! I feel like i just had P-Day! But i am not complaining, I am grateful for another P-Day! This week has been cold and rainy all week long! Whoo! I love it! This week i have been sick and can barely talk still! Let's just say that i dont have a very pretty voice at the moment... Haha! But all is well other than that! It is pretty funny when i try to sing becuase nothing comes out when i try! Poor Sister Campos has been singing solos during Companion Study for the opening song! She is awesome!

I am just going to say now, that I am going to gain wait here in the Mission. Sadly. Even though we walk everywehere, the people measure their love in food here, and everybody loves the missionaries, let me tell ya! I have learned to only take a little bit the first time around for food, becuase the women always always insist that I eat more, and you cant really say no to them.. Because if I do, I am basically saying that i dont like their cooking. And that is a no go here in Brasil. We have lunch at the houses of members every single day except P-Day! It is so much food. But i know i cant complain! The food is good at least!

The language is coming a bit easier now! Finally! Haha! I have two stories to prove it! The first is: the other day Sister Campos was looking in the english dictionary for a word (because she wants to learn English too) and she asked me how to pronunce a word. The word was "redo", but for some reason, i was looking at it and pronuncing it like a person who speaks Português would! For the life of me i could not figure out what the word was in English, i told her that the word didnt exsist!! Finally she said the definition of it, "to do again", and i realized that i was pronuncing it in Português and not English. Oops! haha! I thought it was pretty funny! The second story is this: One day, i think it was Tuesday last week, i finally started to think in Português and not English! I could finally with a few things, think in Português and not think in English and then translate into Port. I was SO excited! My prayers were being answered! What a blessing! The next day, during companionship study, we were reading a scripturea that talked about preaching the gospel, day, night, and all of the time. This reminded Sister Campos of something and this is what she told me "AH! Preaching in the night! Last night you were talking in your sleep, but it was in Português!" I couldnt believe it.... I was talking in my sleep?! Nah, jsut kidding, i knew i talked in my sleep, but it was in Português now! How awesome! I thought that was pretty funny too haha :) But it is finally coming a bit easier now, and I am so grateful for that!

The people here, like I always say, are amazing! I asolutely love them to pieces! Especially the members.They are so loving and supportive and wonderful. Our Investigators here are great as well! The only frustrating part, is that tudo mundo (everyone) needs to be married. They all live together, but havent been married. They all already have kids and everything. It is difficult, because they are ready, but they cant be baptized until after they are married. And i guess getting married in Brazil is really difficult and really expensive. We do have one Investigator right now that we have a date set for! His name is Bonafacio and he lives 5 doors down from us! He is awesome! He came to church with us yesterday and he liked it! The only thing he needs to understand completely is the Priesthood. He says that he has already been baptized, so he is weary of being baptized again. But it is great because he is actually keeping the committments and reading and praying! What a blessing! I am looking forward to teaching him more! He is really sweet too because he offered to buy me some medicine since i was sick, and yesterday he gave me one of his daughters jackets because i was cold. The people here are willing to help with anything! When we dont know where a place is, we just ask and they stop whatever they are doing and help us!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here serving these people, and teaching them. And also to learn myself as well. I know that My Savior Lives and that He loves me. And that He loves you all as well. I am so grateful for my family and my friends and all the support and love i recieve from you guys. Thank you for everything,and when things get hard, keep pushing through and have Faith. I have had to do that here too. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week my Loves!

Com Muito Amor,
Sister Kinnaman


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