August 31, 2015


Nova Cidade


Sister Campos


Bom Dia Amigos!

Well this week sure has been interesting to say the least!
To start off, I dont know how to cook here. I tried to make egg-in-bread this morning, and that was a complete fail! They use gas stoves here, and i dont know how to use that very well, and the pans arent seasoned like they are at home i found out! So, needless to say, it stuck to the pan like superglue! haha! Mas, Tudo bem!
The buses here, Oh my! Most of the time it feels and looks like we are on the Indiana Jones Ride at Disneyland! They are rediculous! They go so fast and the lines in the road are merely suggestions! I have a little bit of fear of them, but its not a terrible fear yet!
I dont know about you guys over there, but it has been freeaing and rainy here! One day it rained all day and the others it rained almost all night! It was really nice though, i enjoyed it. I enjoy the cold! It remained like this until yesterday! And now, it is hot from here on out! Yesterday was the first warm day and i discovered that i already have tan lines from my shoes even though it has been rainy all week! I dont know how that happens! yesterday with the heat, came the bugs. It was terrible!! I am afraid to see the rest of the summer here!
This weeks letter is titled "The Attack of the Mosquitos" becuase of last night. So we got in bed and i fell asleep pretty quickly becuse i was exhausted, as every night! I fell asleep, but i keept hearing a buzzing noise, and it was in one ear an then the next. I would tun over and swat around my face, but it just wouldnt go away!! And you guys know me, i dont wake up that easily! Anyways, after a while my face started to itch, so i would itch it, but it just wasnt going away! After about an hour of this, i got up and went to the bathroom to see what the damage was. I looked in the mirror and was terrified. I looked like i had been in a war or something! I had 11 mosquito bites just on my face!!!! It was miserable! In fact, it still is! It hurt so much because they all were itching and it was just miserable! After i discovered this, i woke up sister Campos and we had a bug hunt for about half an hour trying to find all of these litte mosquitos! Every one we killed was a happly lillte bug full of my blood! So we didnt sleep very well last nigh and now i have 11 spots of proof on my face! I was worried that they would be really big and ugly today, so i said a prayer last nigh before i went back to sleep, and to my surprise this morning, they were just little dots! The power of prayer and having faith behind that prayer, is amazing! This is just one little example. I also have bug bites sporadically on my arms and legs...I guess they like Americanos!
This week Sister Campos and i had had the awesome privelage to attend an Assemblei Church! That was quite the experience! We made a deal with one of our investigators that if he came to church on Sunday, we would attend his church. I am so grateful to have the True and Restored Gospel in my life. It was a good experience and now i can say that i have been, becuase Assemblei is a big church down here!
They people here are truly amazing! I love teaching them and talking with them, what little i can, and just getting to know about them and their culture and their lives! They have such a different life style here and it is fascinating to learn about!
I am grateful for this time i have to dedicate to the Lord and show him a little bit of my love and appreciation for all that he has done for me in my life. I know that the power of the Atonement is real, for some days, that is the only way i make it through the day. With the help of the Atonement to do what i cannot. I know that i am here for a specific readon, and i pray every and try my best every day to be better.
I love all of you very very much and thank you for the love and support. A mission is not easy, by anymeans, but the love and support and prayers of all of you, helps me out more than you know. Have an amazing and Beautiful week Gente!! I love you all!
Com Muito Amor,
Sister Kinnaman


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