August 16, 2015



Sister Walker

Last week in the MTC!!!

Oi Amigos!

So only three more days until i am out into the field!! Where in the world did the time go? Like really! It has been wonderful though!
We have tomorrow really, because Sunday is full of meetings, and then Monday literally ALL day long we are in meetings that help prepare us for the field!
We only have one more lesson! One of our instructors, Irmão Severo did something to his foot so he hasnt been here all week so that has been rally sad! He is so great and we dont get to see him before we leave for the field. But it is okay, we are going to make him a giant card tonight! We are all super excited!

I have decided that it is going to be really difficult to say by to my District. We are all like Brothers and Sisters and i love them all so much! But we have had some great times together and i love them and am going to miss them! But two of the elders are in my Missião, so will be a litttle bit better :)

Oh, speaking of next week, i dont know if i will be able to write next week since P-Day is on Friday and i dont know when it is in my mission! So just in case!

This week we got to watch the Devotional given my Russell M. Nelson this week and that was amazing!! He wasnt here, but it was recorded from Provo and broadcast here! So great! I love listening to General Authorities!

Wednesday morning Sister Walker went to the CTM Barber to get a haircut and so of course i went with her! The Barber is a really sweet old Brazilian Man who was trying to speak English with us haha! He was so nice! So Sister WAlker was in the chair and he is getting her ready and he looks at me and asks me if i want my hair cut too, so i say a Polite no thanks!
And he keeps going on about how even just a little! So i finally said okay because he was just so cute and sweet. So i watch him cut Sister Walker's hair and he literally parts her hair down the middle and cuts straight around all one length!! And i am sitting there knowing that that is exactly what he is going to do to me too!! I was really afraid!
So i hop up in the chair after and am sure to tell him "Somente um Pouco Por Favor!" and he says okay! So, he parts my hair down the middle, and starts chopping away all one lenght straigh across!! I about had a heart attack! I let this old Brazillian Man who only knows how to do one womens cut, cut my hair!
AH! haha! I freaked out a little bit right after, but it really isnt that bad! And i couldnt say no to him! I like it for the most part now, so it isnt too shabby!

Not much has really happened this week, just been preaparing to head out! I will probably start to pack tonight! Just been teaching lessons and studying! It is wonderful!

I get to do this for real people in three days! I am a little bit nervous, but i know that as long as i keep trying my best, the Lord will bless me and help me :)
We had to tell Jeniffer (Our teacher who is pretending to be an investigator) that we were being transfered this week, and that was so hard and she was our practice investigator! It really made me realize that I am going to have to say bye to real people who area going to be like little kids to me beaucause i will have watched their faith grow and watched them gain and strengthen their relationship with the Savior. I am going to have to say bye to them.
In the lesson she asked why we had to go, and it really made me question it, but i answered her with tears in my eyes (because sister Walker was balling at this point) that I am here to help others just like i have helper her, beacuase all of the Children of God derserve to have this knowledge. It was a really tender moment and i will always remember that. I try to remember this when i am having a difficult time as well.

Well, thanks for all of the Prayers and love everybody! I love you and I Love my Savior.

Com Amor,
Sister Kinnaman


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