July 31, 2015



Sister Walker

Week 3

Hi Everyone!
I cannot believe that i only have three weeks in the MTC left!! Time has been flying so fast! It is ridiculous!!! There are literall not enough hours in the day to get everything done!! This is the busiest i have ever been! I cant imagine what it will be like in the field! Two weeks!! What?!?!

So this week there has been a lot of crazy things that have happened, but i forgot my paper that had everything i wanted to write about in my room... so i will try my best to remember!

We were in class the other night and it started to rain really hard!! I loved it!! But it was hilarious because we were in the computer lab a few hours after it started, and then the power goes out!! It was pitch black! We were all freaked out becuase we could see anything! But they turned back on soon after! It was just funny!

Another day we had a Devotional, and President Costa spoke! He is the Area Head from the First Quorom of the 70!!! It was so awesome!! He gave a great talk!

On Wednesday this week we went...........PROSELYTING!!! In Brazil! Where we had to talk in Portugese! What?!?! It still doest feel like i am in Brasil most of the time because i am stuck in a classroom, so to actually go out into the city not by the CTM, was awesome! We each got three Book of Mormon]s to give out, so 6 in a companionship! And we all gave every single one of them out!! That is 24 from our District! 24 people that now have a chance to have true and lasting Happiness!
I was SO scared ot go out and do it! Right before we went out we practiced with a person from our district,and i of course started to cry because i was so scared and nervous and didnt know what to say! But Irmã Correa (Who is one of the most amazing people i know by the way) helped me get it together, and we went out to the city!

We took a bus there, and boy was that an experience! haha! So we got to the place where we were going to do it and aff Sis Walker and i went! I just did it! It wasnt me, and i know that! I just knew that i had to do this and that it was what i am here to do, and i had the strength to do it! I am so grateful for that experience! It was actually a ton of fun and i want to go out and do it again!!! Well, two more weeks and i will be! :)
A lot of the people thought they had to pay for the book and wouldn't take it at first! haha!
One guy must have thought that we were going to Jump him because he held all of his things super close to his chest and didt settle down and actually look at us until we statred to talk about families and how he be with them forever and told him that the book was free! It was just such an awesome experience!
I already love the people that we talked to and it honestly surprised me that i can love these people so much and not even know them! Im looking forward to being able to see people progress in the Gospel!

This week has been rough, but so very great! This morning we got to go to the São Paulo Templo de novo and we got to serve and fold some laundry! We had extra time so the Elders got to do Baptisms for the Dead and i got to see the Baptistry!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! It was so beautiful! I think that Temple is in my new top threee!
Other than that everthing is going super and i am learning so much!!

Sorry for the short email and spelling errors but i have to go fast!! I love you all so much and will respond to you as soon as i can!!

Sister Kinnaman :)

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Lindsay Kinnaman says:
You amazing Raelee and I'm so very proud of you.
on August 4, 2015

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