July 25, 2015



Sister Walker

Week 2: Complete

Hello friends and family!!
So two weeks here in the CTM have flown by!! I cannot believe that it has been that long already! Thank you everybody for your support and love and help to get me here to this poin in my life!

So we got some new sisters in our district this week who got thier Visas while in Provo! They are pretty awesome! It is so nice to have some more girls!!! WHOO HOO!!

This morning we wernt to the Temple for P-Day and we went to the Sao Paulo Temple! It was GORGEOUS!! It is in my top favorites for sure! We got to do some service there this morning! We folded a ton of clothing for them and it is crazy how much can get done in 30 min when you have 25 people helping!! It was an awesome experience and i am so grateful that we were able to go serve this morning.

Last week after we emailed we went and walked São Paulo for a bit. It was so amazing!! I have decided that i Love Brasil and i cannot wait to get out of the CTM and to serve the people of São Paulo! We will walk around some more later today as well! There is just so much character and it is so pretty!

So this week we have been teaching two Pesquisadoras (who are really our teachers acting as them) and i am so surprised that i can actually talk and it makes somewhat sensse now!
I had a super rough day earlier this week and had a breakdown in the middle of a lesson beacuase i was so frustrated taht i could say what i wanted to say because i couldnt say it in Portugese!! But after that, i just said a prayer and asked for help and have continued to try my best in learning and applying, and the Lord has blessed me. The Gift of Tongues is real. I promise you this for i have seen it in my life already. I still not fluent, but i am definately only where i am beacause of the Lord.

Sis. Walker and i have figured out that when we teach from our heart, and teach the person what they need to hear and not just teach a lesson, it is so much easier to teach and to know what to say. Beacuse the Spirit is there and it is just amazing! I am so looking forward to being able to bring others closer to thier Savior and Heavenly Father!!

I have grown such a love for Scriptures here. I have always loved them, but now, i really love them. They are such a powerful tool and all you have to do is read them!! They help me when i am struggling and are such a comfort to me. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to study them so often.

We had a devotional on Sunday i beleve by Bro. Kelly Mills. He just so happened to be visiting the Brasil CTM and was here on Sunday so they snagged him for a Devotonal! haha! We have one every Sunday and Tuesday night! I love it!! Kelly Mills is the Director of all of the international MTC´s! All 15! He gave a really great message about what we are all doing here and how important it is. He talked a little about (and so have most of the people who have given devotionals) Coming Unto Christ.
I feel like i keep hearing that message in many ways as i have been here, and it has been reallly neat to study what it means more and to actually be able to know what that is and what it means and how to Come unto Christ. It has been such a blessing and source of strength for me. I encourage you all to Come Unto Christ and get to know Him better, for He Lives. And i know that He loves you.

I recieved a letter from the CTR class that i used to teach and it was such a treat!! I am so grateful for that! I love them!! I am working on writing them back if they are wondering! I didnt forget about it! It takes roughly 12 days for mail to get here just in case anybody was wondering!

Well that has been a week Ladies and Gentleman! It's beens full of laughing, studying, sitting in a classroom for 8 hrs, volleyball (which i have A TON of bruises from by the way), not much sleep, Portugese, getting yelled at to speak portugese (but it is a good thing ;D), crying, being my typical clutz self, teaching, sharing my testimony, and coming closer to my Savior. I have quite the week every week so sorry if the emails start to all sound the same while i am in the CTM!

I love you all so much and thank you again for the love and support! It is what got me here and has helped me make it through these last two weeks!

Love Always,

Sister Kinnaman


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