December 14, 2018




Sister Mielke

Grapes of Wrath and Spiders of Perdition

Hey everyone,
The days are flying by here at the CCM! Me and Hermana Mielke have been called as Sister Training Leaders! I feel very humbled and excited to serve the sisters in our zone, but I'm also nervous because my spanish isn't the best, but you know what they say, practice makes perfect. We welcomed two new latinas to the CCM this week and they're both very sweet! I do this thing where I say things in french by accident rather than spanish. My district loves to tease me about my french accident when I'm trying to play spanish. I cannot express enough how much I love my district! We all lift each other up and we don't quit on each other. This week we had a heated debate about whether you should cut your grapes or eat them whole. One of the Elders told me that it's a proven fact that all not grape cutters die! I snapped back that 100% of people die! It's okay though, he can always repent for cutting his grapes. We've also unanimously decided that Spiders are sons of perdition. I've also grown a lot closer to my Heavenly Father this past week too! We can be equal to any task the Lord asks of us, He will make us equal! I've learned to be more patient with myself and my weaknesses. I've to pay attention to the patterns in my life because there is always something he's trying to teach me. I had an amazing experience this week with my district! We all gathered in the TSM building with companion playing the violin and me playing the piano while we all sang Nearer My God, to Thee in spanish! It was so beautiful and powerful! Sharing our talents is so important and it blesses the lives of others! I'll never forget how I felt that day!


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