April 2, 2018


Newark, Delaware


Sister Durrant

Lord bless our Prophet, Dear

What a week it has been!

I hope you were all able to watch general conference this weekend and feel as uplifted and guided as I have. Russel M. Nelson IS our prophet of God for this day and age. With my whole heart I love and sustain him. The messages were completely inspired.

I really have felt a whole new level of love and support for this church, for our prophet and apostles, and for our Savior, Jesus Christ. WE ARE SO BLESSED!

The Savior gave all that He had, He is full of boundless love and never ending grace. HE IS THE SOURCE OF ALL HEALING. With Him, we are not going from failure to failure.. but growing from failure to failure. We need to thank Him "every day every day every day".

I am just so thankful. I am already so excited to study and listen to all of the talks given.

Other than conference it was a pretty great week! We are still trying to work really hard to find and meet new people. It's hard here in Delaware! I feel like it's the forgotten part of the mission, so the work is really slow.. but I am determined to change this!

A miracle this week.. and a funny story..

Last night after conference we had a few potentials we wanted to go see. We went by a few and knocked some doors but no one was interested or receptive. So we decided to go to one more guy's house.. His name is Eddie. So we walked up and knocked on the door and he answered. We asked him if he would be interested in hearing a message about Jesus Christ, he was really nice and said that we could come back on Tuesday. (yay!) then all of a sudden his friend pops out of no where and was like, "Y'all are Mormon?!" hahaha then we were like, "Yes! We're missionaries!" Then it was SO funny he was going off all like, "Yeah I know the mormons, y'all are crazy.. etc. etc." hahahahah he was really funny and really nice and we ended up having a really good light-hearted conversation about what we believe and about what he believes! He started asking us questions saying, "Okay! Jesus Jepordy time! ..." hahahaha. It was awesome. Before we left we asked if we coud say a prayer with him, he said no because he wasn't sure how "mormons do it" and it freaked him out. But we assured him that it was nothing crazy so he said it would be okay. So I said the prayer.. after he gave a real good "Ameeeen" then he said, "wow that was really cool! I just prayed with some mormons, how about that!" we left him with a card and were on our way. It was sooo funny and honestly so great! God led us to him and I know that it left an impression, I hope that one day his heart will soften!

But i'm grateful for that experience.. it was by far the best finding experience i've had yet! Heavenly Father is full of special miracles, I just need to recognize them.

I know that if we all take the time to reflect on our days.. we WILL be able to see God's hand, and we WILL see miracles.

Hope you have a great week! All my love..
Sister Munson


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