September 29, 2014

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Week One in the mission field!!!!

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Hey Everyone!! Well, today is my first pday!!! First of all Happy Birthday to Aunt Linda, Happy Birthday to Johnny today!! Happy Birthday Uncle Vic, and Joey!! Happy Birthday to Scott!!!! Also Happy Birthday to My DADDY this week, HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING DAY< I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU TONS!!!  This week has been crazy!! I got to California, and we had transfers on Tuesday! My new companions name is Hermana Larsen! She is super cool. she is getting ready to go home in December, which is crazy! The area we are in is North Hollywood, and we just reopened this area! OHHHHH, another fun thing is, GUESS WHAT? We are on BIKES in this area!!! FUN STUFF!!! haa haa!! so we have had so many things happen, ok, so a little bit more about our two new investigators, so Hermana Larsen and I had an appointment with this one Investigator, in this apartment building, but the appointment ended up falling through, so Hermana Larsen and I decided that we were going to knock on a couple of doors, since we were there anyway. We Knocked on a few doors, no answer, but the last door we decided to knock on, this guy answered the door. We introduced ourselves, told him who we were, and he told us who he was, his name is Fernando!! Fernando is super cool, after we explained who we were, and what we were doing, we both bore our testimonies, about what we had talked to him about. Fernando then told us how earlier that morning he has been praying to God asking him what was his purpose in life, he had told us he was going through a really hard time, and how sometimes he felt like he wanted to end his life, because he didn't really know what the purpose in life was, after he had told us this, he said after he was praying, a few hours later, we came knocking at his door. He knew that this wasn't a coincidence, and he knew that God has answered his prayers!! Hermana Larsen and I could Definitely tell that he was ready to hear the gospel! So, we came by his house yesterday, we actually got to teach him and his wife, everything here is gated, so we were waiting to see if someone would walk in, so that Hermana Larsen and I could walk in right after they did, and someone did, but as we walked in, Fernando was walking down to see if we were there, so it was just really cool, because he was making sure that we were still coming, and he was seeing if we were still standing at the gate, he was going to let us in! =) So, as I said, we eneded up getting to teach Fernando and his Wife, they are both just so ready to hear the gospel!!! We have another lesson with them this week, and we invited them to general conference, and I think They might come!!! ok, that's about all I have for this week, I hope you all have an amazing day!!! =D love you all lots!!!


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