December 1, 2020



Gratitude Turkey

First of all, we all made it to December! HAZZAH!!!! Second, Happy Late Thanksgiving!!! I hope you all ate your hearts out and had a wonderful time with your family. A little disclaimer, P-day was moved to Tuesday this week so we could spend time pushing Light the World on Cyber Monday. So this email will be a little longer with another day and a day shorter next week!

Monday- I may have said this already but Sister Wallace and I make up stories in our free time and we make missionaries in our zone the main characters. And we get a little too invested in these stories. For example, we told Sister Klein's story (aka Lady Klein) to a bunch of missionaries and it took about an hour. We have been officially told we need to write Hallmark movies.

Tuesday- We woke up to snow! We played with the doggos and went to two missionary trainings. The zone leaders called us and then asked how Lady Klein was. We were somewhat confused because they were not there for story time. *Shrug* Oh well! I got an email from the missionaries over ther in Greenfield! They sound like fun!

Wednesday- We put up Christmas lights at Barr Lake! It was still quite snowy so Elder Hales was throwing snowballs at people while they were wrapping lights on the rails of the fishing pier. We all got him once we had finished. Also put up lights on the Nature center! Twas lots of fun!

Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving! We helped clear plot number at the Cemetery. There was a good amount of snow still and of course snowball fights happened. Sister Wallace got tackled into the snow and I got to watch the whole build up to the tackle. I saw Sister Borg running mightily towards Sister Wallace. I had a choice to warn her but didn't because I was not quite sure of Sister Borg's plan and then I got a good laugh. Before you think I am an evil person. Sister Wallace and I have a snow fight and we were using shovels to throw snow and she hit me with her shovel! For some reason, she thought it was a good idea to make herself blind and take off her glasses! Shes just lucky my reflexes were on point that morning and I blocked her from hitting my head just in time.
Guys, I love the people in my zone, everyone of them, and I am super grateful for them. We had a testimony meeting and I just love being surrounded by these people! There are no words I could possibly use to describe how incredible they are.
We got to watch The Fightimg Preacher! If you haven't seen it, watch it!

Friday- We went to Bird Service and we pick up trash! Hard to find trash in the snow but we found a bags worth divided into 3 different trash bags. We went to district council and that was great too. We practiced teaching the first lesson. But we were doing it so there was a person outside our circle and he clapped. Everytime he clapped, the next person in the circle would have to pick up where the other person left off, even if it was in the middle of their sentence. Here is a funny example
Me: "One of the coolest things that Jesus Christ did for us was He" *Clap*
Elder Stewart: "Died..."

Saturday- Walked the doggos, invited people to join Light the World and had language study. Aka Sister Wallace and the two other Portuguese speakers all practice Portuguese while I pretend to know Spanish and have Spanish language study with Hermana Hunt and Elder Branson is on the side just being hilarious and cracking jokes.

Sunday- It was one of the longest days ever. But church was funny because one of the speakers was super tired and her filter was off. Her husband talk was really cool though. One thing he said that is loved was:
"Leadership is not position. It is being an example to someone else."

Monday- We were very busy talking to people and we actually had 3 people call us! It was exciting. And one of those 3 wants us to talk to his wife! Brittany has been in the hospital. She is now at a different hospital where her sister works so she is in good hands now and she is feeling better! Please keep her in your prayers and if you could add her to your fast list this coming Sunday, we'd greatly appreciate it.

I won't even smell it -Sister Johnson

Should we go get a snacky-snack? -Sister Wallace

Principally the book of scripture -Elder Stewart and Elder Hales (the clapping game)

I know how to make chocolate chip cookies, but I don't have a Bosch -Elder Beal

So the best time to pull a girl's hair was 10 years ago -Elder Branson (Explained Anne and Gilbert Blythe evolution from enemies to marriage)

The floor is not trustable -Sister Johnson

Life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent of how you react to it. -Charles Swindoll

Dang I wish I had a Gideon and Stephan in my life -Elder Branson (the love interests in Lady Klein)

I'm just saying I'm never watching a movie with you guys -Elder Branson

Did you know that there is a one letter difference between martial arts and marital arts. -Sister Wallace

Well...MAAAHH!!! -Sister Wallace

1. My Gratitude Turkey
2. Made Hot Chocolate with Coconut Milk
3. The dogs
4. We were tackled by them soon after this pic
5. Found Rocking chairs and decided to be old women that bicker together


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