August 10, 2020



I guess I'm a germaphobe!

Hey ya'll! Let's jump right in!

Monday- the rest of last P-day, Sister Wallace came and she brought two gifts for me. The first was watermelon and I may have teared up a bit. Don't underestimate the power of watermelon. The second was a homemade turtle which I will share a picture of this special turtle. He has since been dubbed Studious George and we have been hiding him around the apartment while the other person is in the bathroom. (The bathroom is now called the clubhouse)

Tuesday- We got our car! It hailed and I ate the hail, as you do when it hails. Just a fun fact, the hail tasted fresher than the tap water. That night, all my weirdness came out including my weird voice that has a resemblance to Stitch's voice. Sister Wallace tried to teach me Portuguese which sounds like drunk Spanish.

Wednesday- We met with members including the Robertson family, Sister Gililand, the Zirkers and Bishop Daines. The wards are amazing and super helpful. We were getting tired of our apartment so we went to the church for some of the zoom calls and we worked on memorizing somethings. We called more inactive people and the only person who answered was a guy named William. Turns out he moved to Queen Creek, Arizona! He loves missionaries but is not interested in lessons.

Thursdays- So Sister Wallace brought Tapioca flour from her previous mission. And we prepared it and we tried it. It doesn't really have a taste by itself but is was decent. We keep eating it so it's not bad. We went to a District Council which was good. Did you know you can spell Jesus with a piece of paper and the only thing you are allowed to do is rip the paper 3 times? Later we called more people and we were told by one caller that the last missionaries had "left a bad taste in my and my family's mouth." Its too bad but it was an interesting way to tell us he was not interested.

Friday- We had a training conference for us newbies. We decided to try something while we were in those meetings. So we had these m&m cookies and cookies are better warm. So we put them on the dashboard in the sun during the meetings to warm them up and not only did it work, the whole car smelled delicious. Anyway, District Council was a blast and I learned a lot. We talked about goals, missionary work through social media and turning our will into the Lord's will. We had breakfast for dinner and we planned out things for lessons.

Saturday- Happy Birthday Kenley!!!!🎂🎉🎊 For the first part of the day we did our studies at a park and it was beautiful. We got ahold of a less active Sister who the missionaries have not been able to get ahold of for 2 years and were able to set up a time for us to help her with weeds in her yard! Also, a random number texted us and told us she found our rock. Apparently the past Sisters painted rocks and put them in places with the number on it. So we have been texting her and friending her. That evening we were doing role plays in the community garden of our apartment complex and we met Jared who was with his son. He was super nice and he came back later and gave us squash and peppers he grew from his garden. So if anyone has a good squash recipe, let me know.

Sunday- We went to 3 church meeting and talked to members. The last one was not one of our wards but it was the only time Sandy could make it and she came! We talked some and she told us she has a friend who has cancer and she was making a meal for them. We also got a meal and due to the lack of desire to make more dishes, Sister Wallace wanted to share a bowl. Then she asked me if I was a germaphobe. Let me explain my ways, I don't double dip the same side of a chip and I don't share utensils outside of my family and close friends. Sister wallace is over here licking a spoon, stirring the peanut butter with the spoon and double dipping her carrots. Heathen. Also, she has the will to eat dog hair when it is in food. I, on the other hand, gagged at the thought. Also did an experiment, people can't drink water like cats.

Random quotes of the week:
-We were talking about being related to people so Benjamin Franklin Johnson (my ancestor who had 7 wives) came up and 12 year old Rylee goes: "man what a player!"

- "I love my laugh! I use it all the time!"
-Sister Wallace

1&2- Studious George in his full glory.
3- Studying at the park (what color is the grass?)
4- Waiting for people to join zoom call
5- Breakfast for dinner!!!
6- Pic at the park, background looks fake...
7- Talking, being weird and having a blast


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