June 4, 2014


MTC West Campus


Hna. Akre

MTC email!

Como estan? I'm here I'm safe all is well, and within a day and a half I have learned SO MUCH. my pday is tuesdays but branch pres wants us to write to let you rest easy. I AM OKAY!

Few things

-I am on west campus, which is amazing. 4 people to an apartment room it's basically like how my living conditions were in college. so good. we have freedom to go to byu creamery and a burger joint, main campus can't even leave! i'm in the west campus, all spanish speaking people. more than 70 people came in yesterday majority in mexico, some in costa rica, hondurez, etc. talked to a peruvian elder! he's way cool.

-Played basketball with the latins today (majority of the people here are latin) it was intense.

-My companion is Hermana Akre and she's awesome, 21 so very mature.

-My class only has 4 people, my comp, yo, y nuestros apartment mates.Our teacher is young and served in Argentina.

-We teach our first "investigator" tomorrow, IN SPANISHHHH. AHHH

--So yeah west campus is pretty amazing, freedom, and everyone talks in Spanish. Met an elder from Pima? He's going to Argentina. People are from everywhere, our DL is from Australia but hes El Salvadorian.

-Spanish. very hard. very difficult. but that's okay. My class is intermediate and we are all on the same wave length and all know the same things basically, so it's not discouraging to say the least.

-I LOVE workout time oh my gosh. Like I said I played basketball today. So much stuff to do. The elders are so fun to play with.

-The food isn't bad, but our workout is right after lunch so I don't eat too much.

-The Spirit is SOOO strong holy cow I'm receiving revelation like never before.

-If I ever had ANY doubts about going on a mission, those have all been wiped out. I have heard my zone tell me why they decided to go on a mission and it's amazing, we all want to be here to get close to our Heavenly Father and share the light of this evangelio.

-I'm Senior Comp! So that's bien.

-Forward this email to whoever, I can only write you guys tonight so sorry!

-I met one of the guys from "The District" he was our workshop teacher, Elder Christensen he served in Cali. I talked to him a bit he's way cool. We talked to 3 people who were investigators and there were like 30 of us in the room and I'll have to tell you more but all of them were from Mexico or central america. man it was amazing and showed why I need to be here.

Anyways, have to get going! Love you mom and dad! and I love whoever else you forward this to!!!!
God Speed. The gospel is true, this church is true and unchanging. I LOVE IT. I never felt like I had such a purpose in life.



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