November 4, 2019


Edmond Fifth Ward


Sister Tagge


Hello from the great land of being a full-time missionary! 

Two cool experiences: Our friend Airia shared that since a tragic motorcycle accident 8 months ago there has been sign after sign from God that he needs to get back to church, and slowly he's doing it. He's reading the Book of Mormon and praying. He doesn't understand it all or even know what to believe in, but faith precedes the miracle. I had the strongest thought as he was talking to us, that he WILL accept the gospel. He's spent so long in church and time out of it. He wants truth and something to live for and believe in. He knows the church will be for him when he walks in and feels like he belongs! Everything he said and shared (which was alot) was pointing to the need for the gospel in his life.

Our other friend Norbert is sooo cool! He's also so prepared and as he was talking, i felt so strongly of God's love for him. That he is special to God. I was so happy. I freaking love being a missionary. 

These are moments in my life I will never forget. Never have i ever loved so many people so fully and deeply. Never have I ever been blessed with a glimpse from heaven like I have here. 

This doctrine of the restoration changes how and who we think we are. It could be one of the mysteries of God. It is understood by the tiniest primary child but unknown to most of the world. We are children of God.
Sometimes that can be misunderstood - we might limit, make light of or restrict His love for us. 
But we can't. those restrictions are only something made up in our minds. while we might feel remorse for mistakes we make, He is always ready to embrace us with a love we cannot begin to comprehend. He is there. He will help us on our way. 

Thanks for tuning in!
Have a blessed one bc God loves you! 
sister maloney 
 don't let the sun fool you, it's freezing


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