October 21, 2019


Edmond Fifth Ward


Sister Tagge


One day we decided to bike to the "boonies" (they're not really the boonies but it feels like it). as we started biking away and I was like this is an amazing day to serve the Lord. It was beautiful weather!! Found lots of people who wanna learn about the Book of Mormon! this is where things get crazy.
we go biking to another part of town and my bike is making weird noises... so we stop and sister Tagge laughs and says "well your tire looks flat!" It was. How? Don't know.
So here we are, 5 miles away from our apartment. None of the elders are answering the phone. Eventually, we get in touch with Sister Roberts. She is the MVP. next thing we know we're throwing our bikes in her minivan and sipping diet coke. 

We got a phone call from our cute friend Liz, she got Sunday off work so she was bringing her whole family to church!! immediately we started texting every ward member we knew! The whole family came and all had a great time! Keep praying for Liz, we're trying to arrange her baptism date this week! 

This week I've been overwhelmed with the sense of awareness from our Heavenly Father. In all our missionary efforts it's mind-blowing to think about how many tiny little things lined up JUST RIGHT for us to meet someone! I KNOW HE KNOWS US. It has been another blessed week as a servant of the Lord. 

love y'all!
thanks for all the prayers and support! 

NEW ADDRESS: 19501 N Penn Ave #304 Edmond OK 73012
(ps I've cut sugar out of the diet so pretty pls don't send Halloween candy:) 
flu shots yay
I swear his name really is "Fatso"
pretty Oklahoma sky - had to be there
 LIZ and her cute family !!


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