October 7, 2019


OU Campus


Sister Scivally


Good news! To follow up w my last email! We ended up giving out 20 Book of Mormons in one week! It was wild and so fun!
Sad news. Saturday pdays are no more. My time on OU campus is also no more. For the last 6 weeks of my mission I'm getting shipped up to Edmond, Oklahoma. I'll be with sister Tagge (tag-EE), she's fairly new so I'll be finishing her training:) can't seem to escape training ...
More info and addresses to come next Monday. Send prayers, leaving OU and sister Scivally has NOT been easy!! I have been reminded time and time again of 2 Nephi 2:24 "All things are done in the wisdom of Him who knoweth knows things." It doesn't make a ton of sense for a missionary with 6 weeks left to go to a brand new area, but He knows best. It might not make sense until we ask for personal revelation why there have been so many policy changes, but He knows best. It might seem easier to just read or check the boxes post conference but that is NOT what heavenly father has asked us to do. It's time for serious LIFE changes people!! why? because HE KNOWS BEST. if you're struggling to find "what" to change, prayerfully review the invitations given and 2 Kings 5:1-14

It'll take sometime for my head to stop spinning from General Conference... but ladies and gentleman after that, can there be any room for doubt in our minds that this IS in fact the Lord's church once again on the earth??!!?! It was obvious throughout that the goal of every song, speaker, adjustment and announcement was to point us to our glorious Savior, Jesus Christ!! Some of the invitations and promised blessings were incredible!! I invite y'all to search for specific invitations and promises made, see how the Lord wants you to specifically follow and apply the council given!!  if not, we all would have wasted a weekend, 8-10 hours of sitting would be for nothing. Don't let that be the case.
On Friday we had a motivational speaker come and the following soap box moment is derived from what he spoke on. 

There is no scientific test saying that there is or isn't a God. There's no formula or chemical reaction. No punnet square or algorithm. No equation or calculation to test that God is there or that he answers every child's prayer.
An atheists claim that there's no God is the same as mine that there is a God.

It comes down to spiritual knowledge. all we have is spiritual knowledge. How do we gain spiritual knowledge? From conference we could say through praying everyday, everyday, everyday. Reading the Book of Mormon everyday, everyday, everyday. Humbly partaking of the sacrament every week, every week, every week.
Scientific "truth" changes all the time. Science is awesome but it is what it is. They often times figures out things by accident, like oops added too much of this or had the Bunsen burner too hot... oh look! Scientific discovery!
Our knowledge through the spirit of a loving heavenly father is NOT wrong because you can't prove it. The simple fact we are children of Heavenly Father entitles us to have the literal LIGHT OF CHRIST in us! trust that. 
When you're given a tough question, take a step back and think about what you know. Anchor yourself in truth and then ask questions. remember good things come from God. He expects us to seek out answers, to develop and strengthen our testimonies and to deepen our conversion to Him, His Son Jesus Christ and the Gospel. We're not asking anyone to take our word for it.  We take God's word for it. And trust that. 

love you all!-
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