September 21, 2019


OU Campus


Sister Scivally


Monday night Sister Scivally started to feel under the weather so we've been in solitary confinement for a few days. Thankfully I didn't lose my mind being inside for so long!!

We've had some awesome lessons this week!!
Mira is what we call a self-referral. She took the initiative to find answers to her questions. She's so cute! She asked us about a few things she heard about the church from a past boyfriend, now she knows the answers, has her own Book of Mormon and is on the road to gaining a testimony of it !!

Last year Emily & Nikki saw the Book of Mormon Musical. During the musical they felt so awful and wrong, so they asked their friends who are members of the Church questions about what they saw and felt. Now they're meeting with us to not only learn the answer to their questions but to know and feel it for themselves !!

We met Christen right when school started. She has such a strong and beautiful relationship with God already but when we taught her the first vision and about the restoration of the gospel she says "well it makes sense that God would bring it all together, like why would we not have it all?"

If this isn't the work of the Lord I don't know what it. It's incredible to me that people with different questions and different backgrounds can all find something about the gospel that blesses their lives!!

I love this work more than anything!! So grateful for every second of it! Missions are worth it folks! 
Thanks for tuning in to another email !! 
Love Sister Maloney

psssttt... check out the church's new "NetFlix" series about the Book of Mormon! they're dropping a new video every week!! I'm so excited!! 

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weekly statue - look closely it's not a repeat of last weeks
zone pday ! 
welp. I promise she's not dead
how we've been checking each other's temperature lately


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