September 7, 2019


OU Campus


Sister Scivally


Can't believe I'm sitting at the computer emailing again, time has flown!

This week I had a gentleman interrupt our booth, sit down and proceed to tell me all the reasons why we don't need the book of mormon, we're trying to "work" our way to heaven and how we worship a different Jesus. He said he'd done his "research" and asked me what I gain from the book of mormon I didn't already know from the bible ? I said my peace which he totally ignored but it was a cool moment. I know for a fact that the testimonies of the bible and book of mormon are incomplete without each other. Each book is vitally necessary for us to understand more about the gospel and the book of mormon is vitally necessary because it is another witness and testament of Christ.
Thankfully we don't have to take anyone's word for it but we can come to know personally that the book of mormon is true, that our Savior Jesus Christ lives and loves us, that we can receive His spirit to be with us, that He stands with open arms, that He hears our cries! we can know. we just have to ask! These are important questions and needs the Lord is so willing to answer us!! 
OKAY -0 minutes left to email love you all SISTER MALONEY
picsaccidental dramatic picstatue of the weekwe had to go up 9 stories to get this view. my ears popped w the intense elevation


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