August 31, 2019


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  Some time ago there was a servant to a very good master. This servant's job every day was to walk to the river and draw water for the master and his house.
One pot isn't broken and can deliver a full pot of water. The 2nd pot, because of the crack in its side, can only deliver a half-full pot.
After 2 years of delivering a half-pot of water day after day, the broken pot can't bear it any longer. It is so embarrassed and disappointed in itself. One day while at the river, the pot apologizes to the servant. The servant looks to the little pot and asks, "Why are you embarrassed?" To which the pot responds, "every day for 2 years I have arrived at the house half full. Because of the cracks in my side, I cannot help but leak and I'm ashamed." The kind servant then suggests that instead of thinking about the crack, the pot should notice the pretty flowers on the side of the path as they walk to the house. The pot notices the flowers and that makes it feel a little bit better. But again when they reach the master's house the pot is ashamed having only delivered half a pot of water. It apologizes again and the servant responds "Did you not see the pretty flowers? I know you are cracked. If you noticed there were only flowers on your side of the path. I took advantage of your cracks and planted flower seeds on your side. And every day, for two years as we walk you water those flowers. And for two years I have used those flowers to beautify my master's house and table.
If you weren't exactly the way you are, you wouldn't be able to grace the master's house in the way you do."

The cracked pot in its plight might have been asking for a solution. The pot recognized it's obvious flaws and was looking for help, to be fixed, patched or repaired so it could just be a plain old pot. But for reasons unknown to us, the cracked pot remained broken.
Sometimes we remain broken. We turn to the servant of all, Jesus Christ, pleading to "be fixed". Asking for a solution to the trials that lie before us, begging for him to let things go "back to normal" so we can just be plain old people. But unknown to us, Christ sees who we can become on the other side of our trial, the little seeds and sprouts of blessings waiting to blossom but simply waiting for us to water them. It is easy to think, wonder and question if we have been abandoned in moments like these when our flowers haven't sprouted yet, but we can rely on the fact that Christ always shines through the darkness. He illuminates and shines through our cracks. He is the living water we need survive.

Jesus Christ is a central figure to everything we could be and everything that we are right now.

This story was shared in a sacrament meeting last week. I've been thinking about it all week. Everyone we come in contact with is one way or another in a phase of this parable. This is the test of the everyday. Will we notice the flowers? Will we trust that the servant loves us and has a plan? Will we understand how much the master loves the flowers? Happiness is found when we choose to embrace the cracks given to us and notice the flowers.
Sorry for literally no updates about the area. we've started to notice the flowers. we're teaching people. things get better and better everyday. I love it all so much. 


LOVE Y'ALL - GOD BLESS! Sister Maloney 

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