August 17, 2019


OU Campus


Sister Scivally


Okay, literally nothing could be funnier than rush week. Soooo many girls dressed up so nice... sprinting down the sidewalks when it's 107 outside.  This week it's the Fraternities rush week. Stay tuned :)
One of the guys we talked to was a film production major and we all decided had going to make a documentary about Fraternities.
Also, if anyone knows why most frat boys wear polos lemme know!

We've met some awesome people this week !! and even though our one return appointment rescheduled AGAIN!! we are super optimistic! we have lots of things lined up for "when school starts" WHICH IS THIS MONDAY PEOPLE!!! SO EXCITED!! I probably will never again be this excited for school to start so I'm just relishing every moment of living the college life w/out debt or homework !!! we are not gonna know what to do with so many people on campus... I guess we'll just have to teach them all ;)

So this week I barely got into 1 Nephi, it's a good thing I only have to read 2 chapters a day to stay on track. It takes me almost the whole hour of personal study to get through them. So far I've read, cross-referenced and marked prophecies through the whole Book of Mormon, old and new testament. It's been a whole new experience reading and studying like this. I'm learning and coming to understand the Book of Mormon is true for totally new and different reasons then I have before !!!

good luck to all my college friends who will jump aboard the struggle bus in a few weeks! yay education !! 
stay hydrated and stay on the straight and narrow!! 

LOVE Sister Maloney

pics we got some weird looks recreating this week's statue XD
we take cookie eating VERY seriously
soooooo many free things 
sweet comp having lunch in the dark so I could take a nap lol 


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