August 10, 2019


OU Campus


Sister Scivally


This week was super good! We had interviews with our mission president, new missionary follow up, and exchanges. Tuesday was interviews and let me tell ya, it was a long day. No joke, we were in a church building for 12 hours straight. From 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. we had to be there longer than most, we were the last people scheduled to meet with president, and he LOVES to talk!! We were super tired by the end, but it actually was a pretty fun day. Sister Scivally and I sat in our car and enjoyed our delicious dinner of cold little caesar's pizza:)

ONE MORE WEEK TILL CAMPUS OPENS !!! this week started rush week, I have never seen so many lamp shaders in MY LIFE. We're hoping they're want to talk to us, unfortunately we can't camouflage ourselves as lampshades then sneak attack them with the gospel ;) the goal of this week is to learn ALLL the chants and collect as MANY free tshirts as possible!! also... our fun return appointment with Emily got rescheduled for THIS Monday! we're very excited!! sis scivally actually got to teach some on exchanges so she's fired up! we have TONS of things lined up for after the 19th... so pray we make it till then!! 
I'm THIISSSSS close to finishing the Book of Mormon for who know how many times. I love that book so much. I learn something new every time. every. single. time. My testimony that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Savior and Redeemer of the world has been reconfirmed. I know our Heavenly Father loves us, the Spirit testifies of the truth, and that prayer is a sacred and special time to communicate with our Father in heaven. The goal is to read it all the way through before I get home. I've done the math. 
239 chapters in 102 days = 2.34 chapters a day 
who's down to join me?? lemme know !! things I'll be focusing on this time around is when prophecies are fulfilled, and going a little deeper into Isaiah (rip). 
thank you all for the prayers and emails !! I love it!! Stay on the straight and narrow folks!! good luck to all starting school (woot woot) 

Sister Maloney
statue #3
in the 11th hour of interviews
5-star dinner in the car at 8pm - lunch was at 12:30
exchanges w sis Beagley & sis Nielsen 
exchanges w sis Tribe


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