August 3, 2019


OU Campus


Sister Scivally


FUNNY THINGS During our super long ward corrilation meeting last week i leaned over and whispered to sis scivally I wanted to eat a philly cheese sandwich and Rochelle got mad at us for whispering haha
There's a tiny tiny little incline some might call a "hill" on the final stretch of our bike ride home every night, it has become tradition now to gear down and race the whole way home. Sister Scivally and I take our work very seriously but boy we have GOOOOOD time doing it !!!  

Zone conference this week 👍
President talked about being disciples forever and having our missions mean everything to us. He read a quote by elder Holland about how much his mission meant to him. Having been on my mission for a hot minute the love for it only grows. It starts as something you think you might have or want someday, it seems like you have literally 6 million years left. BUT oh boy you do not. Missions are such a short period of time, it's literally a blink of an eye. There is nothing else in the world like what i get to experience right now. Someone asked me a few nights ago being a sister - serving a mission is not a priesthood duty I have to fulfill. So why did i decide? Kinda like my email last week, I don't know for sure how or why i got here but I will forever and eternally be grateful to my Heavenly Father for it. 
Besides all that, we got a few referrals !! and have an actual return appointment with and actual person meaning we get to teach an actual lesson on Monday!!! BLESS UP !!! it's been too long. but this is only the beginning! campus gets popping in a few weeks !! It's such a tender mercy! having not a lot makes me really grateful for all the little things!! 
Enough of me talking - go out and find something to be grateful for. something to change your life. someone to hug. make someone laugh. 
life is beautiful !! thanks for tuning in to my weekly rants !! 
LOVE Y'ALL !!! - sister maloney
picsOH YEAH WE ATE OCTOPUS TODAY Statue recreation week 2  


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