July 20, 2019

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McKenna Maloney


Where do I even begin for this email? 
Well from now on my emails will come on a Saturday, thankfully our "day off" is switched to Saturday for campus missionaries. If I thought campus was dead during the week it's an absolute ghost town on Saturdays!! 

I don't know how or why I've gotten so blessed for my mission to just keep getting better and better. My new missionaries that I'm training is basically perfect. Her name is Sister Scivally (civil - lee), from Saratoga springs Utah. And like I said, she's perfect. Not only in gospel and missionary work but she grew up playing soccer and loves to work out!! she loves pigs, my sense of humor,  Thank you Jesus!! She's fearless! Campus can be pretty intimidating and somethings she make me look like a big chicken, because she just SENDS IT!!! Campus work is soooooo different. The students and people that are here don't really mind talking to us. We just have to ask! Thank goodness it's some what dead right now so we can ease into this new life! we're just trying to figure it out !! 

Okay rewind to last Tuesday, to reminisce on my last day in owasso. It was wild from the very beginning. Sister Hollingsworth and I set a goal some time ago to run 6 honking miles together. So we woke up at 5:15am and chugged some pre workout and just sent it! Well folks. We did it! It was tough and it was actually really fun! 
Then it was go go go go go visiting people and saying goodbye to all the people I've grown to love and cherish! Then it was a party till the very early hours of the morning packing (sorry mom). We had the funniest road trip to Edmond is a Tacoma packed to the maximum capacity with luggage. (most of it was mine...). Everyone needs to be around Sister Hollingsworth when she's downed a BANG energy drink. It's a once in a lifetime experience. 
we've been doing LOTS of walking and talking on campus. There's a scripture somewhere that talks about hunters and fishers and right now we are the hunters. we scope em out and snipe em down just to say hi! but one day (hopefully in august) there will be lots of fish to fill our nets! until then we'll patiently wait! One thing with being on a campus is that these students are so curious. there are so many unanswered questions they have about A LOT of things. we'll sometimes stop people and ask them something like how they find happiness or how God answers their prayers, where they'll go after they die ect... I AM SO GRATEFUL I KNOW WITH CERTAINTY THE ANSWERS TO THOSE QUESTIONS. I am so grateful that for 18 months i get to help people discover the answers to the questions they have. We have the right to know the answers !! ASK OF GOD and LISTEN
mucho muy buen love from norman, SISTER MALONEY
pretty norman skyISN'T SHE PERFECT???RIP - happened day 1 in norman ... should be fixed next week just wanted to share :)


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