July 15, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Hollingsworth


FOLKS. We got transfer calls. I was surprised they didn't forget about me again and just leave me here in Elm Creek for the rest of my mission. Our bishop was about to give me a calling!! but after almost 8 months here... I AM GOING TO OKLAHOMA UNIVERSITY CAMPUS!!!! I'll be doing what we call in the mish shotgun training !!! That means opening up a new area AND training a new missionary. send help. The mish is full of adventures and thank goodness the Lord is in control!!! But RIP bc we've had to pack for the past 3 days and I've got a lot of stuff bc I've been in Elm Creek for 5 EVER!! Also - any of my people who have served on a campus - SEND HELP AND IDEAS YA GIRL NEEDS IT 

It was clear at the Mission leadership meeting that the Christensens didn't want up rip up everything our mission has been shaped and molded into so that was refreshing. 

Had literally the bombast lesson with Rhonda Aveela. It was so cool. Sheri bird was with us, we asked Rhonda how she originally got introduced to the church and what she knows. She knows the jist of all the lessons, has at one point read the whole book of mormon. After that I wanted to get to down it and asked if she wanted to be baptized - if that was the goal. She said yes. Sheri said well there you go. What's next. We taught her the restoration. She asked about modern prophets, like why we need one? So we taught about the organization of the church and the purpose of them today. We ended up talking about goals which lead right into us setting a date with her! August 31st baby! 

DISTRICT COUNCIL!!!! We talked about how we can make our mission more Christ-centered. Our district leader, Elder Anderson, asked us to read "The Joy of Living a Christ-Centered Life" by Elder Richard Maynes in preparation for the training.

On exchanges in bartlesville this week we were visiting with someone when all of a sudden it got really dark really fast. The weather changed pretty quickly, so she sent us on our way. We were pretty sure we'd make it home. But then we HAD to stop to pet this lady's dog - she was so cute! Just sent it and asked if we could come back sis nielsen gave her a book of mormon and she said yes. It was sprinkling when we started talking to her. Now it's actually raining. We saw the other two sisters bike past, so we say bye and book it home. It was literally pouring in sheets and we were all super soaked by the time we got home.

we got to go to the temple with our recent convert Don!!!! The ward went for a temple trip with the youth and we got to tag along! Don was able to participate in being confirmed and also witness for the baptisms! As we were walking out of the confirmation room, an returned missionary Bryson Murset walked into the Baptistry. I bout lost all control of my facial expressions. Literally had no words but tried to tell sister Hollingsworth here comes her favorite zone leader but he was visiting the mission with his family and they came to the temple to do baptisms!! So weird but so good to see him haha

I've been reminded this past week how to rely on the Lord even in the good times. The past few weeks have been some of the best but I've tried to rely on him as much as I did when I was driving the struggle bus. 
Elder Holland said "We should pound on the doors of heaven to ask for, to plead for, to demand guidance and wisdom and help for this wondrous task,” that door is thrown open to provide you the influence and the help of all eternity. Claim the promises of the Savior of the world. Ask for the healing balm of the Atonement for whatever may be troubling you." 
In 2 Nephi 26 the Lord calls to ALL to come partake of His salvation. Even to those who are already on the path. He invites us to do and be a little better in keeping the commandments and keeping our covenants. 
I know the Lord is with us when we are gliding through the happiest days of our lives and when we feel like we can barely move. 
my emailing days might switch to saturdays because i'm serving on a campus now... stay tuned i guess WISH ME LUCK !! pray for my new little missionary. she'll need it haha !! UNTIL NEXT TIME, LOVE 
1&2 - when i figured out where i'm going 3&4- when i figured out i'm training 
Our crazy district !! "pop's" in arcadia OKTEMPLE favorite book 


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