July 9, 2019

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McKenna Maloney


Let's start with some funny stories- 

The cutest thing I've ever seen was cindy randall just beaming walking towards us w huge bags. "I spent too much. Oh well. Don't tell my husband. I can just blame y'all right?" 

Sis H realized she had gotten dog poop on her shoe and foot. So we sat on the driveway and had a little party for a sec. 
ACTUALLY WENT TRACTING!!! Only got to knock like 5 doors. Turned around and saw the ominous clouds. We felt the temperature drop what felt like 20 degrees from like 100 degrees. The wind picked up and the clouds got closer. So we ran to our bikes. We looked at a nice mans radar and saw we were about to get wrecked. Welp. Biked as fast as humanly possible to Cindy's. Thankfully we made it just before the heavens opened! So we watched the rain pour till the elders came to get us. 

Literally this members blue heeler dog, Buzz would try to herd the freaking fire works and bite at them. Talk about anxiety. Bro Cain blew up a watermelon w some TNT. It was sick- it went all the way to the neighbors yard!! yay for explosives

Carolyn and Derek picked us up for lunch w the Bettridges. Had a good time visiting. Derek is such a talker!! All 4 of us (rc) taught the plan of salvation. Carolyn helped too. Talked about the 3 kingdoms he asked "so are these the many mansions it talks about in the bible?" I was shook when he said that. Read Corinthians 15 about the 3 kingdoms and he was shook. 

Had a pretty great lesson with Devin. Read Helaman 5 with him. Talked about how the lord and especially how the book of mormon clears away the darkness and makes our path clear. 
It was pretty cool

One morning we were going through a list of friends we hadn't visited in a while. This one girl I had talked to wayyyy back in January! I was pretty convinced she wouldn't remember us or even want to talk. But we texted her anyway. Just in case. Well like 5 minutes later she replied and said shed love to meet with us! 
We had the ysa sisters come with us to meet with Kars. Seriously had such a neat visit, she is literally so prepared. It was definitely a God thing that we were directed and prompted to text her. The events that have conspired in her life between January and now have helped her reenter on wanting a relationship with God. Wow. Gave Kara a personally marked book of mormon, just for her, and she was so touched. She is so cute and we all love her so much. Funny story my old companion sister brown is now in the ysa so we got to teach together again!! 

"Latter-day Saints whose eyes are single to God’s glory see life from a vastly different perspective than those whose attention is directed elsewhere. 
“Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man?
“I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.
“So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.” (1 Cor. 3:5–7.)
This is the Lord's work y'all. Graciously we are receiving the increase in our area right now. There's nothing extraordinary or special that we're doing we are just showing the Lord that we are willing to try. Sister Hollingsworth and I are literally so in love with our missions! things could not be better right now, it's a good reminder though that in these "years of plenty" we still depend on the Lord just as much as in the "years of famine". I know that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ sustains us NO MATTER WHAT. 
hope everyone has a great week and doesn't melt !! LOVE YOU !!Sister Maloney 
pics"... they had a sale jeff ..."HAPPY 4THmy favorite people cutest comp ever BAHAHAHA


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