July 1, 2019

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McKenna Maloney


This week God has been smiling down on us A LOT!! SO HAS THE SUN!! ☀️☀️☀️
Let's just start off by listing all the tender mercies of the week!! 
1. Having the car 
Jk but seriously send us some prayers for the UPCOMING BIKE WEEK!! #notsoft 

Like everything we've ever dreamed about happening on a mission happened this week. There have been many gratitude prayers offered!!! We've seen progression and tender mercies like NO OTHER and it's all thanks to the LORD!!!! 
Update on the beautiful cindy randall. We had lunch with her Tuesday and asked if we could sit outside, (this was before outside became an OVEN) and we took our book of mormons with us. She saw them and asked "oh do I need my book?" So we read 1 nephi 1-5, we were only planning on read 2 or 3 chapters but cindy kept on reading!! She would pause and ask questions or for clarification. She would always say "I need to know this, I gotta know these things". We have never seen her so open and interested, we know the Lord's had is pushing her in the right direction!! 

So Wednesday we're waiting for zone conference to start we're just chatting w all the missionaries there when we see the grey highlander pull around the building and I flip out!! I start jumping around "they're here they're here" president pulls around really slowly just smiling:) they're all cracking up!! He gets out of the car and say "you two just make me smile. You need a hug don't you? It's fine today is a hugging day. It makes our day to see you!" isn't he the cutest?? seriously the best. 
A few months ago president and sister Mansell had us email in topics of what we wanted them to train on and like everyone asked life advice questions. So they gave us the run down of "how to" - parent, be financially smart and stable, a TINY bit on "relationship" advice !!! 
Over all still pretty confused on interest but I think I got it... BUT I do feel prepared to be an adult again so yay. 

It was all fun and games until the Mansells lined us up one by one to say one last good bye. We got just a few minutes to talk with each of them and oh boy. I probably quadrupled the amount of tears I've ever cried in my life. 
It was like saying good bye to my family (dogs included yikes) all over again. These wonderful people have become my mission parents. And now THEY'RE the ones who are leaving!! (Sorry mom I definitely understand how hard it was to say bye now). 
The advice they gave is like gold and i'll remember it forever. both stood in front of us and bore their powerful testimonies one last time. 
"We love you. Bye" and just like that they were gone. 

The closing song was 98% sniffles. Sister Hollingsworth and I just gave up on holding the hymn book and ended up holding each other. We were only a LITTLE emotionally unstable

i will forever and always be grateful for the wonderful people the Mansells are. they have blessed not only my life and my mission but the life and mission of every missionary AND person they come in contact with. Their impact has changed the course of my life forever. 

in Sunday school this week we were talking about the legacy lines we all come from, whether that's the pioneers who crossed the plains or our parents or grandparents who were the first members in our lines. a legacy is "something inherited from a predecessor, a heritage". 
President and sister Mansell have left a legacy of love, service, following the spirit, CONVERSION, did i mention love? 
What is the legacy Christ left? 
3 Nephi 27:13 - the life and ministry of Jesus Christ was and is His legacy
what is the legacy you're leaving? 
Here's the thing, if we are to leave a legacy we have to first LIVE that legacy. 
"We must not only <b>seem</b> but also <b>be</b> what God would expect of His sons and daughters...
but the proof of our commitment lies in our performance in the daily transaction of our life."- J. Richard Clarkelet us live in a way that other can recognize the truth through us. 

sorry for being all over the place! hope y'all could follow along - blame the shiny squirrel syndrome :)
love you all soooo much!!! until next week :)love SISTER MALONEY 
picscute photo shootspost goodbye conferencewhat even is this picturehardest good bye everCUTEST PEOPLE EVER LOOK AT THEM !!! 


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