June 24, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Hollingsworth


Last monday we got to hang out with ALLL the missionaries in our zone!!! we walked around the "gathering place". literally the coolest place ever! We ran 1.5 miles getting the frisbee and going to volleyball courts. We played volleyball FOREVER!!! RULE 1. COMMUNICATION

Played gator ball for a longgg time. So fun!!! 
Pres bell and pres moe played! The ball almost hit sister bell she was ducking then finally just proclaimed "Y'ALL" she took off her sandal and smacked elder Vincent and Elder Ellis... 
We learned that president bell got cellulitis in his foot... welp
Tuesday morning we drove w/ our girl Sarah to pawhuska ate breakfast at the Mercantile. The sisters in the zone taught a "mission prep" class at girls camp and helped the girls make bracelets. The stake presidency had a Q & A with the girls on dating, good friends and standards. After we all had an ice cream dance party!!!  we Left girls camp and got soaked in the pouring rain in a mad dash to the car!!!!!  Sarah's car kept updating us with weather things and eventually it said "tornado warning" so we flipped out and checked on our phones and apps and tried to decide what to do or where to go... we ended up out running a 'nader and safely made it to bartlesville where we ended up spending the night because of the storm. S/O to Sarah for spending 24 hours with us crazy sisters!!! 
"I kinda wanna live in Oklahoma just for tornado season. It's kinda scary but you get that adrenaline rush..." - famous last words of sister nielsen 
Had a great visit with Robin!! She was happy to see us and invited us to sit down right away!! Said first thing she read a little bit of the "book" but didn't know how to read half the words hahaha!! Invited her to get her book and we'd read with her. 

We met this guy named terrance this week. we went to visit Terrance. and had the coolest visit ever. He told us about his past, he did meth for years. Just quit about a year ago. Lots of stress. He knows God is real. He 
we introduced the book of mormon and told him about the restoration. He cried when it clicked that our church has all the pieces together - "i knew it!! i knew God would bring everything back!!" yeah. it was pretty cool. 

We're sitting in church on sunday trying not to feel sorry for ourselves because we didn't have anyone we invited show up... then Sister trowbridge texted us about 5 after to say TIM CAME TO FREAKING CHURCH. I started to cry. i started teaching Tim when i got to owasso IN DECEMBER and this was his first time at church. he was so nervous but WE WERE SO HAPPY!!!! Jesse Taylor is a returning member in our ward and she spoke in church on the power of prayer. Even though she was nervous she has just a powerful demeanor about her. About half way through I became very aware of how peaceful it was. She was talking in such a calm way, the spirit was evident. She bore powerful testimony of prayer and how when her dad was in the hospital they prayed for him to come out. They felt an immense amount of peace. He recovered and 2 days later went back. This time he didn't make it. When they prayed they didnt pray for his health but to understand and be okay. They told him "it was going to be okay. You can go now." Wow. It was such a unique and wonderful feeling she brought to the meeting. 
the next speaker plays the BAGPIPES - he talked about over time there have been modifications and synthetic pieces and electronic devices invented that serve the same purpose as the "authentic pieces" but the traditional bagpipers would NEVER be caught playing with the new fancy stuff because "if the original bagpipers wanted them to play with synthetic or plastic pieces THAT'S HOW THEY WOULD HAVE DONE IT."UM. back in the 16, 17, 1800's NO ONE EVEN KNEW ABOUT THESE FANCY SYNTHETIC PIECES. THEY WEREN'T INVENTED YET. the speaker compared the changes recently in the church to the bagpipe. similar to how these new changes are in fact new but serve a similar or BETTER purpose the Lords church is changing. NOT because - men are in charge- these new methods are more popular now - trial and error have proved other wise NO. the Lord has always carried about His purposes is the way He sees best. "all things are done in the wisdom of HE WHO KNOWETH ALL THINGS." Changes are an indicator of this being the true church as things progress in the way the Lord wants. 

PLS send prayers this week. our beloved mission president of the greatest mission in the world - President Darren & Shilane Mansell are being released this saturday. their 3 years of service are up and we say good bye on Wednesday... we will survive this but ya girl might be emotionally wrecked for a bit. 
anyway - this is the Lord's work and HE is in control. HE LOVES US. A LOT. sorry for being all over the place today CHANGE IS TOUGH BUT ITS ALL FOR THE BEST. as always i love this work so much
LOVE YALL have a blessed week!!
love sister maloney 
pics GIRLS CAMPSOAKED - post girls campi promise she wanted the love. i promise. summer is upon us 👍


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