June 10, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Hollingsworth


Last Monday a cute member drove with us to Pawhuska where Ree Dummings has her family farm and Mercantile. Pawhuska is a tiny almost no mans land town but right in the middle of it there is the cutest row of shops. We had a blast, the drive up was so pretty too!! Oklahoma never ceases to amaze me with it's beauty!!

Transfers are the best. It's like the latest and greatest reunion!! I saw my ONLY companion left in the field, sister brown. I said goodbye to my best lil missionary, sister goldsberry. very emotional day. 

Literally the biggest compliment from like the best missionary ever 
"Sister Maloney is the female version of me. You can just hear her from any point in the parking lot" 
- Elder Jared Hammond 

My new comp Sister Hollingsworth loves running!! She's reminding me how to love it too:) we both ran track & field at college so thank you, Jesus! We'll keep each other in shape and mentally sane 👍running is therapy if nothing else 

We didn't even know it was predicted to rain but thankfully when the heavens just dumped not once, not twice, BUT THREE TIMES THAT DAY, we were inside! Otherwise, we could have gotten soaked and caught in the rain. 

Summer as a missionary is like the best thing. The sun stays up till 9 pm! It's warm and sunny! It's actually FUN to bike! People are outside like alllll the time! And they offer Popsicles, watermelon, Gatorade... everything cold! The downside is there are literally a BAJILLION MOSQUITOS. so if anyone knows of some hardcore repellent please tell me. Ya girls have already been munched on a bit

This past Sunday, Don got confirmed a member of the Church. It was such a pure moment. Watching his demeanor change since he chose to be baptized has truly been a blessing and a reminder of the power of the gospel! 
This week I've been studying gratitude. LITERALLY FOLKS. if your life isn't going the way you want it - APPLY GRATITUDE. if you are struggling spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, ANYTHING - APPLY GRATITUDE. if you could use a boost of happiness and peace - APPLY GRATITUDE. if you want to feel the Savior literally walking beside you and see God's hand directly in your life - APPLY GRATITUDE. Gratitude erases our need to be right, our need to "do it ourselves", our sometimes subconscious neglect of others, our guilt, our pain. Gratitude helps us reach towards others, to the Savior, to those who based on our standards might not deserve our love but are children of God nonetheless. Gratitude takes the little things we have in life and magnifies them until they fill our entire lives. Gratitude helps us "abide in his love forever" (John 15). 

This coming Thursday I'll have been an official, tagged missionary for A WHOLE YEAR. it is UNREAL how fast time has flown. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS PAST YEAR. the little experiences God has sent my way have filled my life to overflowing. there is nothing more rewarding for me than being a missionary right now. 
I love this gospel that has filled my life and became my greatest treasure. 

I hope y'all have the blessedest week y'all could ever have!! life is so good. 
love Sister Maloney
cute but SOAKED Studies outside 


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