May 27, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Goldsberry


survived my first round of storms!
"This is the worst we've seen in 40 years!' - everyone in Oklahoma

During our amazing zone pday around 6:30 pm president announced everyone needed to LEAVE because there was a huge storm system scheduled to smack us pretty soon. So we said yes sir and booked it home. There was already a tornado touched down north so the Pawhuska and Bartlesville sisters stayed with us. We had a party all 6 of us in our tiny apartment👍 it was around 10:15 we were just talking. Then the sirens went off. So naturally, we panicked. We packed up and booked it to our "safe house". I drove an over-packed Malibu in the pouring rain. In the time we ran from the apartment to the car and from the car to the house we were literally soaked through. We ended up playing card games with the family till 12:30, had pizza and ice cream. Stayed the night in their movie room. From what I've gathered so far tornado warnings means it's time to party!!

Except when this happens...
Woke up around 6:20 am to Brother Walker saying there's another tornado warning and the sirens are going off, we have about 10 min before we should be in the shelter.... party's over.

Well, okay bud. We hung out in the closet for about 20 min until the "danger" passed. Then we went about our day as usual! Crazy!!!

Wednesday we were casually driving through Tulsa when insanity hit. Sirens went off. Rain started to pour. Panic attacks. Driving blind.
Eventually, we made it to Owasso. The weatherman was pretty convincing that we went to the Walkers sleepover that night too. Thankfully the tornados passed us again.
Unfortunately, the tornados and rain hit other towns nearby - Collinsville, Skiatook, Cleveland, j-town, Independence, and all of Tulsa - have experienced loss and tragedy. Please keep these towns in your thoughts and prayers especially since storms are due to hit again tomorrow.

Some of our accomplishments this week:
Lunch- string cheese protein shake qt pretzel
Laid on the floor 👍
Made garlic bread for bfast 👍
Our bff don is on date to be baptized next Sunday! Seriously a long time coming, and I honestly never expected this day to actually arrive. Be on the lookout for white jumpsuit pics next week!! He'll soon become a part member family and thankfully the rest of his family is not far behind him on the path. It's amazing to see the Lord carry out his work. Seriously there's nothing WE could have done to get Don to where he is now.

everyday I am grateful to have the best job, calling, responsibility in the world!! I love my mission more than anything and hopefully, God lets me stay in Oklahoma another week with all the freaky weather going on haha!! but I do know God is in the works and there's a reason for everything! His hand is all around us - look for it!! (alma 30 "all things denote there is a God")

ps transfer calls are next week !! ahhhh

radar ... rip
cozy new home
luv the wind...


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