May 20, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Goldsberry


This week went by so fast !! It's a serious blur but I'll try my best to give a thorough run down.
Last Monday we gave roses to our favorite Walmart workers for mother's day. I learned a universal truth - if you show someone a little inkling of kindness, they can become a whole new person - kindness transforms people. 

The only thing I remember from Tuesday is that we saw 4 FREAKING ARMADILLOS. THEY WERE ALL ALIVE. that basically quadrupled the number of live armadillos I've seen in my life.

Wednesday we spent the day in Bartlesville! Easily one of the cutest places I've been. Anyway, we biked like 10 miles that day and lemme tell you B'ville is NOT FLAT. It also is starting to feel like summer and we got tan lines coming in strong!!  

I wish I had time to elaborate on this ... but remember this!!! Value the time you have. 
Value the time we have to live, be in school, be with our family, to be single, to be married, a parent, a student. 
Time and life goes by too fast to wish it all away. 
Value the blessings of the gospel. 
Value your testimony 
Value the good times. Value the bad. 
"The worth of a soul is its capacity to become as God."-President Monson

Because you are His child, He knows who you can become. He knows your fears and your dreams. He relishes your potential. He waits for you to come to Him in prayer. Because you are His child, you not only need Him, but He also needs you. Those sitting around you right now in this meeting need you. The world needs you, and your divine nature allows you to be His trusted disciple to all His children. Once we begin to see the divinity in ourselves, we can see it in others.

In other words, He not only knows what is best for you; He also anxiously wants you to choose what is best for you.
He knows everything about you. He sees you clearly—He knows you as you really are. And He loves you—today and always!
Apparently, the library closes in "10 min" so I gotta book it kids !! 

I shook president Eyring's hands... it was legit - more details next week 
love you 
the bugs are alive


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