May 13, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Goldsberry


This week's been pretty great! We got a ride home in the Camero with the roof down. We also saw fireflies! It was sister Goldsberry's first time and she about lost it.
The assistants asked us to call them last Monday night... Sis Goldsberry said it'd be about doing role play for zone conference. She was convinced and was freaking out. I said we don't roleplay at zone conference. Guess what they needed help with. They asked us to freaking roleplay. I almost ran through the wall when I heard them say it simply based on our conversation. I was shook. 

I love how excited missionaries get to see each other! We're all just best buds here in the OOCM:) 
Zone conference was 8 hours long and it was the best!!!! Our mission president told us that when president Eyeing comes NEXT WEEK to dedicate the Oklahoma city temple that he agreed to SPEAK TO THE ENTIRE MISSION!!!! So next Sunday we get to be in the same room with a prophet of the Lord and hear from him!! Let's just say when president told us the new, the whole room exploded! be prepared for photo overload next week.

People in Oklahoma love to talk, so when our girl Faye was talking with us I played football and soccer with her 8-year old son Shane. we did give her a Book of Mormon:) 

Went to Don's with bishop and Jodie. Don is our 76-year old navy veteran investigator. They heard about every story he's ever told us. We taught him the plan of salvation. Bishop drilled him about knowing this is true and why he wanted to get baptized. Don knows it's true. He wants to renew his commitment to God and understands and has zero doubts about what we teach. Like zero. He believes in modern prophets etc. Everything. Hope to have him with a date to be baptized by next week!!!  

the more I read the Book of Mormon the more the spirit tells me it's true. we went to a Methodist Sunday school with our girl Marjorie and they were discussing Romans 8. now nothing they said was wrong or false but they were missing SO MUCH!!! so much hope. light. encouragement. understanding. I was never really able to understand before the voids the Book of Mormon fills until now... like president Mansell says "there's no way Joseph could have written it. he was never wrong. he was always right. and that's because it was from God." 
if anyone has tips on prioritizing or feeling "on top of things"

PLEASE email me!
ya girl is barely keeping up with the day to day but that might just be the mission life:)
congrats to all who graduated (high school, college, seminary, etc it's that time of year)

ps today is my 11 month mark - send help !!
pics 1- taking over buffalo wild wings after zc
2- 5-week old kitten - loved crawling down my back...
3 and 4 - we're going to be the cutest dog moms when we get home thank you very much 
5- rainy season side effects :)


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