April 29, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Goldsberry


"Faith also includes trust in God’s timing.”
-Neil A. Maxwell

You know how as you get older, time goes faster? This week we've been in hyperdrive and every day has been nonstop!!! And every day we have had last minute things HECKING BAMBOOZLE our plans which has given us the opportunity to recognize God's intentions and timing. 

I'll give you a quick highlight reel of the week: 
Last Monday night we hit up the local life church. For those who have never been, if you're looking for a good rock concert 10/10!! It's definitely a different vibe for a church but it gives us missionaries a better perspective of what it feels like to come to a new church. 
I have the best companion, she doesn't even complain when I force her to go running with me-  ❤❤❤
Wednesday we literally went from visit to visit, out of someone's car into someone else's car!! We visited the cutest family- the Wagers - and helped them with some yard work. They're taking us to dinner next week. We've become everyone's favorites if y'all couldn't tell. 
Thursday we had lunch with Rhonda and her friend Colleen. They're the cutest best friends and we love them. The evening unfolded a source of major prayers, fasting, and stress! We met with Carolyn AND her fiance Derek for the first time!! Carolyn has been dying to get him involved and understand more her desire to get baptized- her ultimate goal is to have her family together forever! She arranged for us to visit and for Derek to receive a blessing with the hope it would allow the spirit to touch his heart and open his mind. And it did just that. After the blessing, Derek said, "When he started talking, I stopped thinking and started listening." We then taught him about the restoration of the gospel and Carolyn joined us and testified how she had come to know it was true. He accepted a Book of Mormon and seemed really excited to read it and learn more. 

Now, this was a HUGE miracle for us. But it wasn't just handed to us on a silver platter. It was a huge testimony builder of this truth taught in the recent general conference... "The Father is aware of us, knows our needs, and will help us perfectly. Sometimes that help is given in the very moment or at least soon after we ask for divine help. Sometimes our most earnest and worthy desires are not answered in the way we hope, but we find that God has greater blessings in store. And sometimes our righteous desires are not granted in this life." 
Through the prayers, faith, and sacrifice of local members and missionaries the Lord "saw fit" to bless us with the outcome we saw. Similar to the people on Mosiah who saw the Lord prove his mighty power of deliverance, I know without a doubt it was all the Lord's doing and timing. 

I am so excited for the upcoming week it's going to be INSANE !!! We get to serve at the temple again this week, there's a special feeling and special blessings that specifically come into one's life when they are at the temple. For those who are able PLEASE GO AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!!!  

love this gospel soooooo muchhhh!!!!!!! 
seriously love being a missionary! it kills me everyone tells me i'm "getting old"
 LOVE sister maloney!! 
literally my soul sister - carol
twinsss on accident... 
exhibit A of our whole week - passing notes in a visit to rearrange the whole day lol
life church
favs favorite people !!!! 


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