April 15, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Goldsberry

#T-MINUS10,9,8 ... MONTHS

Last night we had a conference call with all the amazing sisters in the mission talking about THE TEMPLE!! ALL sisters in our mission will have the opportunity to volunteer at the temple open house!!! 

On wednesday Tim ended up cancling his lesson (which never happens) we were very unprepared...  took a hot second to be a little angry like what do we do now??we weren't sure how we felt or if we should sleep so but Sister Goldsberry finally decided to go out and work!! let's hit it. We hadn't gotten to visit with holly last week so that's where we decided to go. Walking to Holly's there was a man smoking on his porch. Now as a missionary people like that are perfect to talk to, but I seriously wasn't thinking we would stop and talk. We felt prompted to see holly so gosh darn it we were going to see her. That's the funny thing about promptings from the spirit. Just when we think we understand why we're doing what we're doing is when the Lord enlightens us! 
David is the man we ended up talking too. He's a recovering alcoholic, we bike past his apt everyday! he told us in his recovery he's trying to reconnect with Jesus. Well that was a slap in the face from the spirit like "here's your cue!!" He accepted bom and committed to read it and said we could come back next week!!!  Miracle filled day cool to look back and see the divine intervention everywhere!!! 

Biked in the rain to see don. He literally didn't breathe for an hour. We both were knocked out for a few min oh we felt so bad. But I apparently needed like a 2 min power nap bc after that I felt so awake Haha. We saw Billy and Mary next started crocheting a new project. Asked them about general conference which they did watch just felt kinda weird bc it's not what they're used too. We loaded up our soaking bikes into their car "Big John", I climbed into thr trunk to pull them in and help them fit and by doing so I got squished between the seat and the bikes and had to fold over into the next row to get out. They were blasting "mercyme" and singing and dancing, we could not stop laughing!! They dropped us off at our dinner appointment and then picked us up from dinner with our bikes and took us home so we didn't have to bike hardly any in the rain!! Huge break through in our relationship with them. 

Laid on the floor planning the next day laughing about all the crazy experiences we've had thus far. Its freaking bonkers to me this transfer is almost over!! So crazy that next saturday we'll be getting transfer calls... 
Grateful for the rain and the beautiful and fun opportunities it gives us to be ourselves and laugh at all the awkward and sometimes wonderful things the Lord asks us to do!! 

on saturday i hit 10 months... only 8 left... where the freaking heck has the time gone! literally people. "this life shall pass even as a dream", they're not kidding. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. i have become a crazy okie missionary, who LOVES biking UPHILL. AGAINST THE WIND. IT'S THE GREATEST THING EVER LEMME TELL YOU. 
general conference was a blast. seriously read and STUDY them all. we were promised in the very first talk... " i testify to you that we will have the privilege of hearing the voice of our Savior Jesus Christ, through the teachings of those who pray, sing, and speak to the needs of our day in the conference." - elder soares Go FIND and LEARN HIS voice!!! 
love you all so much!! until next week!!LOVE SISTER MALONEY
picsBRAUMSSSssame storm raining on me AND my family selfie in "big john"one lovehaha i'm the middle child during my morning prayers bahahhaour favorite girl SARAH


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