April 1, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Goldsberry


This week I have been seriously enjoying studying come follow me. I had some pretty eye opening discoveries as I studied the many miracles and stories of Jesus. I have learned so much about his character and his teaching style, i want so badly to reflect that in my teaching and leading as a missionary!!! i have also started to memorize "The Living Christ" PLEASE study and read it !!! it teaches so clearly and simple about who our savior is!! great preparation for GENERAL CONFERNCE!!! i can't even begin to say how excited i am for that!!!  
"Don’t worry about Christ running out of ability to help you. His grace is sufficient. That is the spiritual, eternal lesson of the feeding of the 5,000." -Holland 
A few things i noticed from my studies 1. The Savior asks his disciples to accomplish a seemingly impossible task of collecting or buying bread for the multitude. kinda how he asks us to sacrifice A LOT of things for him. 
2. The Savior asked the disciples what they could provide: “How many loaves have ye?”
3. The Savior instructed, “Bring them hither to me”
4. The disciples gave the Savior what they had.
5. The Savior blessed and multiplied what the disciples were able to provide, miraculously meeting and surpassing what was needed.
 When we strive our hardest to follow Christ and give him our VERY VERY BEST even though it might not be "enough" HE WILL TAKE IT AND MAKE IT MORE THAN WE EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!!! it's not just a nice story, this is real people. i have changed so much on my mission and it's all because i've offered Christ 18 short months of my very best effort to bring the gospel to his children and he has taken that offering and MAGNIFIED IT and MADE IT (me) SOMETHING FAR BEYOND WHAT I WAS CAPABLE OF DOING ON MY OWN. 
Holy crap. Zone conference was 11 hours long.  I literally cannot believe I sat through 11 hours of trainings. Thank goodness we took occasional walks outside because man!! Although it didn't feel like that long to me. When president said that at the end I was pretty surprised! Usually how zone conferences go is we'll receive training from president and sister mansell, the assistants and our zone leaders. This conference every single companionship was assigned to pick a previous training they had received over the course of their mission and give an additional training on it. We received over 30 trainings that day!! Sister goldsberry and I trained on success and failure and how as missionaries our view of those has to change a little. Most define success as "winning" or accomplishing a hard task, but success is really in the striving to become something more and something better. Failure is a crucial part of growth and without it we wouldn't get very far in life!! Again, Jesus sees our WHOLE and FULL potential. He will never sell us short of PERFECT!!! 
k enough ranting, our area is popping!! again continued prayers for Carolyn (on date just needs to quit smoking), Gee (knows the BOM is true, going to commit to baptism this week EEKK), and all of God's children to receive the restored gospel!!!
i love being a misisonary more than i can put into words. I feel like Alma. I am so grateful for the time i have to give my EVERYTHING to the Lord. This truly is the greatest and most important work. K YALL PREP YOUR SPIRITUAL EARS FOR CONFERENCE IS GOING TO BE SO AMAZING !!! thank you jesus for a living prophet!!! 
okay love you all so much! until next week!!love sister maloney 
pics movie night w the "safety zone" FREEZING - what even is spring cute cat truest quote eva ZC pics with the best people ever E. Jones is heading home in 11 days :( 


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