March 25, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Goldsberry


I've always been told since day one of my mission time goes by faster and faster each transfer. This past week was the start of my 7th transfer and holy heck it's so true. I feel like my brain can barely keep up! Thankfully we have so much going on in our area we are constantly running from place to place sharing the good news of the gospel!! I keep waiting to have a spare second to breath at least before I go to sleep each night but THE GRIND NEVER STOPS!! 
I used to think my trainer was crazy. She'd be in the middle of a sentence, stop talking, kinda stare at the wall for a sec then starting writing something down on a sticky note because she would remember something. Now that's literally me. Half the time I'm in overdrive half the time I'm in lala land. We've been running around like crazy and thanking the Lord DOUBLE TIME for all the blessing he sends us!! "Thank you Lord, double time" - Billie (after we downloaded the Book of Mormon on her phone and showed her how to use it:)

this week we had MLC - leadership meeting! basically a huge party. jk we talked about serious things but i had a blast!! 
I continue to be BLOWN AWAY with sister Goldsberry. She is literally amazing! I don't even feel like she's a greenie. 

Went to visit cindy! Jenna (her daughter who's a recent convert) was home for spring break!! Shared a message about happiness. She's going to the temple open house!!! We're going to watch the virtual tour of the Rome temple sith her next time we go over. To those who haven't watched it, GO DO IT!! 
Don't have a TON of time left but I want to bear my testimony that God has commanded us to pray FOR OUR BENEFIT!! He already knows what we're going to say! (jeremiah 29) but he has commanded us to pray to help us! praying at the end of the night has helped me clear through my thoughts and help prepare myself for the next day. THERE IS POWER IN PRAYER. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE JOHNSON FAMILY! we have an appointment with them on tuesday and we both feel like they are golden. we're excited to introduce them to the gospel!! 
if you're not sure if "prayer is for you" (we've heard that before) just get on your knees as ask God about it!! He'll let you know! 
HAVE THE BEST WEEK EVERYONE!! GOD IS SO GOOD !!! enjoy the spring weather i'll be praying for those with allergies !! rip

Link to temple tour video!!! <a href=""></a> 

PICS1- MLC w ma girl sis keller 2- oklahoma skies 3- SPRING4- WE LOVE SPRING5- SAME


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