March 4, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Brown


Went to sprouts, got all our healthy organic plant-based vegetables and food. For those who also don't know - the smell of sprouts is therapeutic. 

While talking to my family this week we figured out my brother's roommate served his mission in MY companions home ward!! That was pretty crazy!! 

Played spikeball outside the weather was so so nice, we all went to cherry-berry for frozen yogurt which reminded me of my last area - we had a Menchies right outside our complex and we were there allll the time !! 

Tuesday was an absolute miracle!! Everything we planned to happen ACTUALLY happened.
We had lunch with Cindy. We have been having weekly lunch and lessons with Cindy since I got to Owasso. She has adopted us missionaries and takes as best care of us as she can! She was throwing a fit we were biking because it was so icy and cold! We talked for a long time with her. Cindy has so many friends in the ward, she started going to a scripture study group for women! We read the first chapter of saints with her, as we did I felt so strongly that this is what was going to help her and change things for the better. She has seen how the gospel has changed and blessed her daughter (who joined in April) and now she's starting to take tiny steps of faith in the right direction! 

Our investigator Tim has had millions of questions since day 1. He's a typical Oklahoma native who talks and talks so we never felt like we could fully answer his questions. So on Thursday we just sat him down and told him the entire restoration. The spirit was there so strongly, he got alot of his questions answered and I felt that reassurance that things were going to change. 

Everyday as a missionary we get to see tiny seeds be planted, those seeds sometimes turn into tiny sprouts which when cared for properly can grow into a HUGE tree of FAITH !!! 
"As we face the light and warmth of a campfire, we leave the darkness and uncertainty behind us—how on sometimes long, lonely nights, our campfire of faith can give hope and assurance. And the dawn does come. Our campfire of faith—our memories, experiences, and heritage of faith in God’s goodness and tender mercies in our life—has strengthened us through the night." - Gerrit W. Gong
In Alma 32 it talks about the word making a difference, it increases understanding, it's real! It's light, and good and discernable therefore IT IS GOOD! once we've felt that we HAVE to keep exercising it!! nourish it, care for it, grow it! that also means trusting the Lord when He blesses us with trials that STRENGTHEN our faith. 

I've learned to take life on the mission one day at a time. It only takes a sprout of faith to follow our Savior on the covenant path.
I love being a missionary! I love the gospel. I know there is true joy that can only be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that our trials are really blessings 

9 !!!!
tender mercy puppies 
birthday !! i'm 20 ?? what?
Oklahoma skyyyy
cars are getting frozen to the ground... 


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