February 18, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Brown


Hi Y'all 
So this past Friday the first presidency (the church) announced a change in missionaries communication with their families. We are now allowed to call, text, email, and facetime our families every week when we would be emailing. In addition to Christmas and mother's day, we can also call on fathers day and parents birthdays! It's a huge blessing for us and our families and I hope will lead to much good!! 

I have gained a HUGE testimony of TRYING NEW THINGS and PERSISTENTLY PUSHING  

Had a cool experience I wanted to share: 
Thing after thing was falling through. We get on our bikes after no one answering and I'm like "dang heavenly father I'm trying not to be upset. I'm trying to follow promptings. I'm trying to have faith. So I'm not going to be discouraged but keep trying." So we barely start off down the road before there's someone in their driveway so we slam on our brakes and pet their tiny tiny dogs and try to talk to them before they scoop them up and drive away... we're back to square one - biking. We stop at another house (i really didn't want to stop at). We knock, I asked if she was from Texas (she had a flag out front) and she's like "do you wanna come in?" Holy crap yes what a relief. We talked for about an hour. Gail is so sweet! Told us about her missionary work, she was so kind. She cried multiple times when she explained how sad & heartbroken she was for the people in this world who don't know about Jesus. We walked out of her house, sister brown was like "Woah, that was way cool. Like we followed a prompting and that happened." Yes, thank you Jesus. We are so unaware of God's will for us. We had to face so much rejection that day in order to find Gail, there's no other way it could have happened.  
Recently we've been trying a new approach with our required 2 hours of tracting each Friday! Some elders created a "survey" with 10 questions, to help us as missionaries get into people's homes to quickly find the way we could use the gospel to fill their lives with joy!! I was suppperrrr skeptical about it, now we look like solicitors with our clipboards... but we decided to give it a go! 
Here are some funny responses we got:
Lemme stop you right there we don't need you 
Save the speech I'm Baptist 
I'm a firm believer in Jesus Christ. But I can't take a survey about him. 
I appreciate it but go away 
You actually woke me up -  10 different times
But from this, we did get 5 people who said to come back! 

We had zone conference week. Sadly realized zero pictures were taken there but oh well. 
There is nothing more invigorating than being in a room with 80 other missionaries, who are all your best friends, listening to inspired training by president & sister Mansell. President addressed perfectionism. It's more than being a little organized or OCD. It's more than just having high standards for yourself. It's a toxic way of thinking that affects you, the things you do and the people you're around. He gave an amazing training on identifying it in ourselves if we didn't know already, and fighting to overcome it. You see in the gospel of Jesus Christ it's not about DOING more to become more like Christ. It's about BECOMING more like Christ. "The perfect lie" - Tiffany Webster. It's about 15 min and it explains so beautifully how we can escape this lie of doing and start down the road of becoming. 

Funny sister brown things: 
Sis b crashing twice this week 
Sis b forgetting keys and phone in three different cars on three separate occasions
pics exchanges with sis howecroft cute doggos sis b got scratches on her hand and I drew a face to make it better but it ended up being a very angry face which was even funnier PERSISTENCE !! KEEP MOVING FORWARD - this quote kept me going 


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