February 4, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Brown


Okay y'all. Another crazy amazing week from owasso!!! 

This week has been the slowest blur of my life. Like, hi how is it already Monday but holy cow it's been a few life times since I've typed up my weekly!! 
Let's see, what even happened... 
This week was bike week!!! I LOVE BIKING!!! 
We got rides from our amazing ward members, including our bishop... who's car ran out of gas EVEN THOUGH he said it'd be fine. So here's a pic of him pushing the car to the gas station !!! 
The work here in Owasso is POPPIN' !!! we are constantly having the issue of being so busy teaching and being overbooked!! We have so many people to see and only so much time to see them, but heavenly father always helps us be where he needs us to be. One thing I've realized and constantly need to be reminded of is that Jesus Christ was NEVER late. He was always exactly where he needed to be. He was never rushed or worried about missing something because he was "about his father's business". This past Tuesday, there were many humbling moments that in the middle of our crazy day - everything canceled. It was 2pm and our whole day, which used to be packed hour by hour would be wide open. We prayerfully went to the Lord, and asked for his direction and guidance of where he would have us be. That's one of the beauties of being a missionary, the lord ALWAYS needs you somewhere and he'll help you figure it out. We just have to ask!! 

Okay y'all. Spiritual insight time. So in my studies this week I was reading a talk with a reference to a scripture and the footnote from the reference lead to a great chapter in 1 Corinthians!! Its 1 Corinthians 12, it starts off talking about spiritual gifts - how they're all difference and very diverse and they are given for our benefit meaning NOT EQUAL. I will benefit from different spiritual gifts than what you would. It then references us being "the body of christ" and how like a physical body has many different parts so does the body of christ. "And the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of thee;" (verse 21). It says the members who seem more "feeble" are necessary. All members should care for one another. When one suffers, all should suffer with it or when one is honored the rest rejoice with it! Just like the physical body all works together with it's different mechanics and functions- that is how WE as Latter-Day Saints should be. Our ward was a beautiful example of that this past Sunday- we had several investigators and less active families attending. We had asked several ward members to help our investigators get to class, but in addition to that watching the members recognize they were new, and introduce themselves and talk to them - oh it made my heart sing!!!! Our investigator Carolyn was telling everyone that she was getting baptized AND she told our bishop that the book of mormon was true!! 

Alright. Imma be real for a second. 
First - please know, I have never been happier than I am on my mission. I love it more than anything. But there is opposition in all things. 
So that brings me to my second point - 
"Believe in yourself, and believe in Him. Don’t demean your worth or denigrate your contribution. Above all, don’t abandon your role in the chorus. Why? Because you are unique; you are irreplaceable." - Elder Holland 
I needed this reminder this week. I needed to be reminded of alot of things. Mainly that through Christ I can LITERALLY DO ALL THINGS. that because he suffered and died he KNOWS PERFECTLY he to succor (aid, run to, support) his people. 
Our mission president has said 
"if you've never had depression, you'll get it on your mission. 
If you've never had anxiety, you'll get it on your mission. 
If you've never had an eating disorder, you'll get it on your mission. 
If you've never struggled with confidence, you will on your mission." 
I'd like to add I've never prayed harder or applied the atonement more in my life than I have on my mission. This week some struggles brought me quickly to my knees. They allowed me to turn to the source of all hope and happiness because for that brief moment I had none. But YALL. LIFE IS A MIRACLE because just when I had nothing else to give - I found more to give and it was NOT mine. 
THE ATONEMENT IS REAL. Jesus was literally walking out the door for me. He was literally speaking for me. He was filling me with so so much happiness I can't even describe it. 
I BELIEVE IN GOOD THINGS TO COME. The atonement was the super glue holding me together !!! 
"No, Christ knows better than all others that the trials of life can be very deep and we are not shallow people if we struggle with them."
- again... Elder Holland
OKAY YALL enjoy the pics and have a blessed week!! GOD LOVES YOU SO MUCH!! 
bishop pushing the car
found my love !! 
sunrise (it was freezing but I took the pic anyway) 
sonic run w the hixsons ( love them) 
quote that saved me!!! 
Superbowl updates from our bishop hahahahha


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