January 21, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Brown


This week has been a POWER WEEK.

Just barely a week ago we as a mission were spiritually fed by general authorities and leaders of the church.
Tuesday we went on exchanges - so I switched companions and areas for the day, I LOVE exchanges. Sister Wendt and I had such good plans, we were so excited for the day and.... we literally talked to 3 people. So we got to talk with each other the whole day, we're now best friends, she's literally the cutest person and I love her.

So my companion sister Brown has only been out for 11 weeks now - she was "in training". There was a meeting this week celebrating her and others graduation from being "in training". As part of the graduation to prepare us for the "real world" our mission president goes through the bible helping us find and prepare scriptures to defend against several anti topics. It's so fun to be on the other side of greenie grad. I was not stressed (like I was as a greenie), I have and know alot more anti scriptures (than I did when I was a greenie) it's just so funny to remember where I once was.

Another aspect of graduation is practicing their teaching, the graduating missionaries will teach 5 lessons to different trainers and again being on the other side of that was fun! Even though I've been on my mission longer than the graduating missionaries I learned SO MUCH from them. I was reminded to remember to testify, share more personal experiences, use the tools! (scriptures).

I believe in the power of prayer! We visited with Carolyn this week and HOLY CRAP WE FINALLY BROKE THROUGH. We think. Kind of.
Even though we've taught it before she doesn't fully understand the importance of the priesthood. The spirit was so strong as we explained the second essential half to baptism is receiving the holy ghost through priesthood authority. Carolyn looked right at me and said "That's it. All y'all have a light, a glow. It's different, and that must be it." We then testified of what a gift the Holy Ghost is as well as the Priesthood. It was such a neat experience.

Friday was a rollercoaster for me!! We had interviews with our mission president and his wife. I always feel on top of the world after spending time with them!!
Afterwards we went knocking doors for a good 2 hours (every Friday our whole mission knocks doors for two hours). Lots of people opened the door, which was great! But almost every single person bashed us. Getting bible bashed is exhausting.
Some guy made a joke by telling us he worships "kahooloo" (octopus god) because it makes a lot more sense than what we're trying to pitch. Another said "Just face the fact. The book of mormon is wrong." One lady, "We believe differently." And she shut the door.
It's a blessing to have the knowledge that I have, to believe the way i do. And most importantly to have such a strong confirmation that the things I believe are true. This tough experience reminded me of one of my (many) favorite conference talks titled "Lest Thou Forget" (elder rasband October 2016).

"I encourage you to recall, especially in times of crisis, when you felt the Spirit and your testimony was strong; remember the spiritual foundations you have built."
REMEMBER - my favorite word and probably the most important word in the English language. if you pay attention in the Book of Mormon it's used so frequently. My life and testimony have changed as I've tried to REMEMBER how merciful the Lord is.
Have the best week ever y'all and remember how much i love you and pray for you!!! the Lord is in EVERYTHING!!!I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!
my favorite (mission dog) Brunorandom
pic of a corgi that brings me joy


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