January 14, 2019


Elm Creek Ward


Sister Brown


Y'all. This week. Omgsh. 


So last Monday was zone pday. It was a BLAST! All the missionaries in our zone - which goes from owasso area to bartlesville area - all got together!! We played a ton of different silly times games like donut on a string, who can catch the most gummy bears in their mouth in 60 seconds. We also played longer games like volleyball and chair soccer. Chair soccer is like every man for himself soccer, your "goal" is a chair and if a player kicks the ball into your chair, you're "out" until whoever got you out gets out themselves. Anyway it's the best game ever, we played till last man standing (shoutout to dad for coaching me all those years) ya girl was the last man standing... haha

ALSO the caption gave it away but I hit 7 months yesterday! time isn't real on the mission but when month after month keeps passing it amazes me! if anyone figures out how to slow it down.... LEMME KNOW!!! 

Thank you for all the prayers this week. An update on Cecil and Tim. We got to meet with both Cecil and Tim, they accepted a book of mormon and have been reading! Prayer works! Keep praying! 
This week our mission was visited by several leaders and general authorities. We all got to shake hands with Elders Ochoa, Texieria, and Harris of the quorum, presidency and area seventy. They each said they looked into our eyes as we shook hands. They could see the reflection of the savior and our love for him in our eyes. Elder texieria said we were one of a kind missionaries and this was a one of a kind mission. They each addressed us about having faith and using the skills we've worked so hard to improve to increase the amount of people we're teaching. Elder Texieria promised that if we 1). Prayed with our progressing investigators for people they know who could use our prayers then 2). Ask to go see those people, we would double or even triple the number of people we're finding and teaching by the end of this transfer. They left us such amazing promised blessings.

This week in my studies I read a story I want to share. 
"There was a man, and in the early years of his marriage, was convinced he and his family needed a four-wheel-drive pickup truck. His wife was sure that he did not need but merely wanted the new vehicle.
    Over time they continued to counsel together and ultimately decided to acquire the truck. Shortly after taking possession of the new vehicle, the man wanted to demonstrate the utility of the truck and validate his reasons for wanting to purchase it. So he decided he would cut and haul a supply of firewood for their home. It was in the autumn of the year, and snow already had fallen in the mountains where he intended to find wood. As he drove up the mountainside, the snow gradually became deeper and deeper. The man recognized the slick road conditions presented a risk, but with great confidence in the new truck, he kept going.
Sadly, the man went too far along the snowy road. As he steered the truck off of the road at the place he had determined to cut wood, he got stuck. All four of the wheels on the new truck spun in the snow. He readily recognized that he did not know what to do to extricate himself from this dangerous situation. He was embarrassed and worried.
The man decided, “Well, I will not just sit here.” He climbed out of the vehicle and started cutting wood. He completely filled the back of the truck with the heavy load. And then the man determined he would try driving out of the snow one more time. As he put the pickup into gear and applied power, he started to inch forward. Slowly the truck moved out of the snow and back onto the road. He finally was free to go home, a happy and humbled man." [bear up their burdens with ease, David A. Bednar April 2014] 
The moral of the story is that the Lord uses burdens, heavy loads, or trials to help us turn to him and push us forward on the path of discipleship rather than just spinning our tires aimlessly where we once were. 
As I look through the past 7 MONTHS !!!! Of my mission, now I am able to see how the hard lessons I've learned, the terrible days I've had, have helped me grow more than discourage or destroy me.But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God." 
Many including myself have questioned alot, when hard things have come my way. Hard things don't come because God hates us or has forsaken us. Hard things come to remind us he will never forsake us, especially as we choose to turn to him. The individual loads, the heavy burdens each of us face, help us to rely more fully upon the merits, mercy, and grace of our Savior, Jesus Christ. So even the hardest things we face in life still invite and entice us to do good. 
Keep praying! thank you for all each of you do to further the work of the Lord!!! HAVE THE BEST WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE SISTER MALONEY

post chair soccer selfie
FREEZING sunrise 
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