December 3, 2018


Wichita Falls Ward


Sister Lewis


Okay wow. 

First things first this week. My companion and I ate freaking COW STOMACH (OR MENUDO) THIS WEEK. not even kidding. Our Spanish investigator always makes us dinner when we come over, and this week it was cow stomach soup. We didn't know until after the dinner what it was. We did our best to put it down, but even before we knew it was cow stomach it was tough to put and keep down. If y'all don't know what chopped up, boiled cow stomach looks like, save yourself and don't Google a picture. Shout out to all my foreign friends who feel my pain lol 


Y'all it's freaking December. What in the actual world. Where has the year gone??? 

I don't know about you but the Christmas devotional especially president Nelson got me PUMPED UP last night. Man, all the talks were so good, got me ready for Christmas (even though I've been ready since July bc Christmas is 10x better as a missionary). Don't get me wrong it's also really hard bc of all the family traditions and other stuff you know you won't be around for, so be extra nice to the local missionaries!! 
The 4 gifts from the Savior President Nelson talked about -
1. Jesus Christ gives the unlimited capacity to love.
 2. The Savior offers the ability to forgive.
3. The Savior gives the gift of repentance.
 4. The promise of life everlasting.  
I'm pumped to start using these 4 gifts to bring others closer to Christ! I know this Christmas season is going to be special! what a time to be alive y'all!! I love this gospel with my whole heart! it has changed everything about me, always for the better! As I was sitting in church yesterday we watched the Nativity video - it's a story I've heard, read and watch over and over again. But this simple story that is told in only 20 verses in Luke (Luke 2:1-20) HAS CHANGED THE WORLD, HAS CHANGED MY FAMILY, HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! When the logistics of the holidays get a little overwhelming take a second and remember why we even celebrate. Use these four gifts from our Savior Jesus Christ and let this season CHANGE YOU!!!  
As always love you and I pray for you!!! LOVE 
Pics:1- Christmas decor. 2- new album cover?, 3- our investigator, Melina, her son Alex and my favorite (mission dog) coffee - he just sneezed thus my crazy laughing face, 4- post menudo dinner 


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