September 17, 2018


Wichita Falls Ward


Sister Gentry


This week I was definitely left #shook more than once. A few times I was left shooketh to the maximum shooketh ability.... . Shook moment #1 - We had a lesson with our investigator April who has had a Baptismal date (since august) for September 15th. We met on Tuesday and read through the living Christ with her. We asked if she would be able to keep her date of the 15th... She quit smoking last Friday which means she was able to get baptized on the 15th last Saturday!!!!!
Shook moment #2- Greenie grad! Yes! it happened, ya girl graduated and now i'm just a plain ole normal missionary, i don't have the "i'm a greenie" excuse anymore. Anyways, greenie grad was 1 hour of getting Bible scriptures to throw at people tryin' to bash.. and 2 hours of roleplays or practicing teaching all the lessons. We taught lessons 1-3 plus word of wisdom and law of chastity. All my lessons had good things about them. It was a confidence booster I didn't know I needed. I do know what I'm doing I can do this. I am actually a good teacher. I can and do teach confidently and with the spirit. Shook moment #3-exchanges w Altus sisters- sister Cronin got to know her pretty well had lunch w a member. Biked through some of the craziest head wind ever. I had a few thoughts during this one was that I was gonna die. Right there on the side of the freeway. Another was the gospel is so important I can deal w the wind to get to whoever we're going to visit. They weren't home of course. Had a lesson with Isaiah who is just so cute and he wants to be baptized so so bad. 

AHHHHH literally out of time k
love you all bye!!! 


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