September 10, 2018


Wichita Falls Ward


Sister Gentry


Hey Y'all!! 
Well, this week we were blessed. It rained pretty much non-stop from Tuesday to Saturday, and for some of those days we were without a car BUT like I said we were blessed and got rides to LITERALLY EVERY APPOINTMENT WE HAD!! No soggy bike rides for these sisters!! Also when it's been close to 103 for so long, when it drops between 68-80 degrees I feel like I need a jacket!
So several amazing things are happening this week, and besides the miracle of sharing the gospel YA GIRLS ABOUT TO GRADUATE OUTTA GREENIE STATUS. Yes, folks, i've almost made it 12 whole weeks wearing my "greenie badge" with honor but it's almost time to retire it and just be a missionary. ALSO this Thursday I hit my 3-month mark. Now I know to some of you that sounds like such a short amount of time (especially mom) but that's (for all you math majors out there) 1/6th of my mission gone... holy freaking cow... But I have learned sooo much in those short 3 months. It also doesn't feel like it's been 3 months, it feels like it's been maybe a week or a few days. shout out to my amazing trainer who has taught me so much!! 
In my studies lately, to focus on drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into my life I've been studying the life and ministry of Jesus Christ through the Topical Guide. There are at least 14 pages containing 57 names or topics which Jesus Christ is listed under. It's definitely a slightly overwhelming task but President Nelson promised in his talk "Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into our Lives" - General Conference April 2017 HIGHLY RECOMMEND  it would change our nature so I'm doing it. And the prophet does not lie. This daily study of the Savior has changed my perspective and thoughts more than anything I've ever studied or done before. I challenge you to prayerfully begin this study. Set aside 15 min each day to study the Life and Ministry of the Savior, His power is real, and will assist and support you in every righteous desire you have. Prayerfully consider this questions as you study: "How can you help Him gather Israel??"

I have come to love this gospel more than I ever thought possible! I know the Book of Mormon is a perfect way to access the Power of Jesus Christ. 

I love and pray for each of you!! This is truly God's work and glory! 
LOVE, Sister Maloney
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