September 4, 2018


Wichita Falls Ward


Sister Gentry


PSA: the sisters have moved apartments, despite all the odds and chaos. Odds & chaos:- Moved an entire apartment + washer and dryer during Hotter n hell and probably the craziest weekend of my mission.- thankfully received boxes from members, help cleaning from sisters, and we got it done! With that our new address is 3001 Kemp Blvd #1311 Wichita falls tx 76308

This week's "theme" was sacrifice. Almost all of our lessons with our investigators always brought us back to sacrificing something to receive something from God. Each of our investigators needs were different. But I have a testimony of the book of Mormon and I know it's our most POWERFUL tool in conversion. We had each of our investigators promise to sacrifice time everyday to read The Book of Mormon. And we promised them in return strength to overcome their personal battles.  The moral of the story is read the Book of Mormon and God will literally dump blessings on you. 

Zone conference was this week!! President gave AMAZING training on success and grit. A lot of missionaries get discouraged because of how they define a successful missionary. But president taught that a successful missionary is one who tries and fails and learns and tries again and fails again. We make mistakes to learn, grow and become better followers of Jesus Christ. I had a moment this week. I was in a pickle. I had just received this amazing training about changing and grit and being successful I could continue to do nothing and stay miserable or do something about it. but really all I wanted to do is pout about my situation. ANYWAY, i ate a HUGE slice of humble pie and everything "magically" has worked itself out! 
Moral of the story: a humble missionary is a happy missionary

We had an ALL DAY ZONE PDAY YESTERDAY!! (which is why i'm emailing on a tuesday) next week it'll be monday. We had a blast hiking this small "mountains" in Lawton oklahoma and i saw for the first time a real life BUFFALO!! don't believe me just check out the sweet pics!
I love you all so much! I promise the same thing I promised my investigators, sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!! Put it to the test and be blessed!! 
Love Sister Maloney 
Pics: found a pig statue on MSU campus, RAIN CLOUDS, LOTS of mountain pics, Zone pics


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