August 27, 2018


Wichita Falls Ward


Sister Gentry


SO let's get started... 

MONDAY - Super fun day, made "missionary burritos" for breakfast which means we cleaned out the freezer and used whatever we found to make burritos. Went to email early and ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY TALKED TO ME TODAY!!! Went shopping and out to Chick-fil-a, bumped into sister Perez and Emily who bought us lunch (#blessings) Went to the church and played spike ball volleyball and 3 hit kill OUTSIDE!!! it felt so good out TODAY!! 

Tuesday- I woke up and i have never been more scared in my life. I, Sister Maloney (Still a greenie (aka new missionary)) had to "remember my training" and go on exchanges with Sister J (a brand spanking new greenie). She'd literally been in the mission 5 days.I didn't know the area, and she didn't know the area... let's just say we knocked ALOT of doors !! We were both dead after biking ALL DAY. but we didn't get lost OR shot so i'd say it was a HUGE WIN!

now this next story is literally so crazy!! SO. Sis g and i + the Burkburrnet elders are trying to leave Lawton (about an hour away from Wichita) it's like 9:30pm by the time we leave and finally got on the road,THENElder Jensen (gotta love him) took a wrong exit and then we finally got on. AND THEN gas light came on. So we exited and couldn't find gas. So we then found the highway again and went until we found a gas station. Planned on leaving at 9 actually got in the road at 9:50. so the gas station we tried was the literal only one until we hit Burk or Wichita. so we mapped it out and we had 40 miles in the tank. And it was 21 mile to home and we'd already driven 16. So 37 miles total. We said a prayer that the car wouldn't run out of gas. We eventually found gas and FINALLY got to bed at like 11pm... 

On Wednesday we had exchanges with the Altis sisters!! Lemme just say exchanges are so much fun!!

Okay okay okay!! so saturday, Wichita Falls hosted the 37th annual HOTTER N HELL 100 MILE BIKE RACE!!! people come from all over texas and oklahoma to participate!! there were 1,200 people who raced INCLUDING THE WICHITA FALLS ZONE LEADERS, ELDER WHITEHEAD AND ELDER DAVIS!!!  Yes they biked the WHOLE 100 MILES ON A TANDEM BIKE!!! and it only took them 10.5 HOURS!! (they went through 5 flat tires). Sis g and I were outside handing out popsicles for 10.5 HOURS which also meant we were getting toasted by the sun for 10.5 HOURS!! #sorrymom i only used sunscreen once....

I've learned and adjusted alot of how i've been studying this past week. I've felt really prompted to study the life of Christ. I take about 15 min to study specifically about Jesus Christ through the Book of Mormon, I've only been doing it for a week but it has already been eye opening and life changing. I promise each of you that if you take a few min each day to study the life and attributes of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that His hand will become more visible in your day to day life and you will feel and understand the true power of the Atonement.
I love and miss each of you !! i pray for you every day! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY SO MUCH!!! 

Quote from the week : Trying to talk to people we dont know... It's just another person, it's not like their gonna eat me - gentry

PICS 1 sis j !! after exchanges2 altus sisters 3 hotter n hell4 free popsicles 5 squad 


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