August 13, 2018


Wichita Falls Ward


Sister Gentry


hello y'all, all y'all, er'body, 
First things first: today is my two month mark as a missionary! only 16 more months to go! also made it through my first transfers, only 11 more of those to go!! I AM NOT GETTING TRANSFERRED! Sister Gentry and I are staying here in good ole wichita falls. 
Funny things from the week:got stuck in a shirt in the t j maxx dressing room, definitely didn't buy that shirt. Sister Gentry almost wrecked her bike (full story to come). I found so many animals to take selfies with (see pics) 
Cool Lesson stories from the week: We were finally able to meet up with an investigator named Chris. We taught the plan of salvation he said he wanted the spirit in his life more, wants to become consistent with the scriptures, he committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about baptism. He also told us (he was raised super religious) that his mom and sister ordered a Book of Mormon to read for themselves and they talk about what they read and what he learns in lessons and in church almost every night!! We found a Spanish couple who are super interested in the gospel BUT they speak no english!! We were able to come back with a member who speaks spanish and we taught the Restoration while she translated the whole lesson. The spirit was there, and they asked some really good questions! i'm really excited to teach them more! (last one) We were trying to decide on what to teach one of our investigators, and my mind went straight to Alma 32, didn't know why... I went for it and suggested it so we planned on it. Turns out he had been struggling with understanding/being able to have faith. ALWAYS EAT YOUR VEGGIES AND FOLLOW THE SPIRIT KIDS!!!  

Tender Mercies from the week:Interviews with President. Our tire somehow got a nail in it, it was leaking air like crazy BUT we got it fixed FOR FREEEEEEE !!!!
Tracked found 3 potentials!! 
pet so many dogs
Crazy stories from the week:So once upon a time there was an investigator named Eric, who was super solid but then literally dropped off the face of the earth (this was before my time). anyway, we were biking Friday night down a road we bike down ALL THE TIME, and BAM. There's the missing in action investigator. and Sister Gentry almost runs into a parked car and fall off her bike because she CANNOT believe it's him. We've started meeting with him again. can we just talk about the Lord's timing??? I KNOW that when we found him again was the EXACT moment we were meant to find him. I KNOW God had been preparing him from the time we lost him to the time we found him. His time is NOW!!! 
I HIGHLY recommend reading conference talks. The most recent ones but honestly just read ALL THE TALKS!!! THEY ARE SOOO GOOD!!! Also, read this: Deuteronomy 31:6
We are in such good hands. The hands of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They may be scarred hands, but YOU and I are "graven upon the palms of my hands;" (1 nephi 21:16) He ALWAYS remembers us, I hope we can all TRY a little harder to ALWAYS remember Him. 
I love you and pray for you all every single day!!! 

love sister maloney
Pics of animals
fyi the cat wasn't having it with the paparazzi 
elder and sister selfie 


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