August 6, 2018


Wichita Falls Ward


Sister Gentry


Last Monday we had a blast (as a district) at a trampoline park! so just imagine this, six 19 and 20 year olds running and jumping around with a bunch of nine year old's. It was quite comical, wish y'all coulda seen it. We did A LOT of tracting this week. We spent a solid afternoon knocking door after door, and we got to talk to A LOT of people!! which was awesome! hopefully we'll be able to go back to all the people who say "come back anytime" and teach them about the gospel. On our way home one evening we stopped and talked to a lady who was in her front yard with her dog, (dogs are the best way to get people to talk to us!) Turns out she and her boyfriend have 8 dogs! They gave us water, let us come inside showed us their dogs and house and garden AND gave us straight german chocolate (she just got back from seeing her parents in Germany) AND they said we could come back!! Since then we have gone back and talked to them a few times, and now their roommate is also interested in learning more! See what did i tell you about dogs!! This week I've been reading A LOT from The Book of Mormon. I started at 1st Nephi 1, and study a chapter a day, and lemme tell you HOLY COW the scriptures are AWESOME !!! they're literally stuffed with knowledge!! I am gaining so much from a simple study of them each day. 10/10 would recommend, it really has deepened my love and testimony of the Book of Mormon. 
A wonderful tender mercy and lesson i learned to wrap up this weeks email:
This week the High was only about 100 degrees!!!! (Didn't even feel that bad, toasty but not HOT)
This week i also learned about the Lord's timing. As missionaries i think we're given a glimpse of our investigators divine potential (WHICH IS HUGE), we also see the choices and consequences our investigators make hinder that potential. For example one of our investigators, April, (she's got a baptismal date) BUT she has to QUIT SMOKING!!!! It's hard to watch her struggle with this addiction, i wish i could just make her STOP so she can receive those blessings but alas we can't. 
All we can do it encourage and support her and TRUST THE LORD'S TIMING!!! when we allow ourselves to give it all to God and put Him in charge, life gets so much EASIER!! but actually getting there is WAY HARD. But trust me, it's sooooooo worth it. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary!! The Lord is so good to us! 
I love and miss each of you! (Hopefully y'all can see the pictures this week)
Love, Sister Maloney
Tacos with Tori and Sis G
Gilbert (maker of tacos) making tacos
Lovely SHERIDAN (turns in her papers this next week!)
Sis G being a mood 


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