July 30, 2018


Wichita Falls Ward


Sister Gentry


Hi Y'all !! 
There have been so many amazing miracles this week! you best get some popcorn because here they come! 
First we had zone p-day in Lawton, that was a blast! we played all the sports and by the end of the day i was SO TIRED!!  we also went on exchanges with the Sisters in Duncan Oklahoma ! so after zone p-day I went with Sister Scoresby and we had dinner with a part member family. (MIRACLE #1) Ricky agreed to take the lessons! He had been so against it previously so this was such a big deal for the Duncan sisters!!  for this next miracle to sound miraculous imma give some background. 
So Wichita Falls (my area) is flatter than a pancake. the only incline i have to bike over is speed bumps. Now in Duncan (where i was on exchanges) speed bumps were the least of my concerns. There were so many big hills in this area!! and it was bike week!! so the MIRACLE #2 was biking up the "biggest hill in the area" successfully. there was a lot of prayers that went into the hill but i made it and I'm still alive so whoop whoop. We were in a lesson at the very end of exchanges, and all of a sudden I took a mental step back and almost started to cry because of how grateful I was to be a missionary and to be serving and to be on exchanges and literally everything. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! IT'S LITERALLY THE GREATEST THING!! 
MIRACLE #3 Mandy is a non member who's best friends with a member. She's from the Netherlands and has been coming to visit America for 6 years now and each time she stays with this family. She had been taught the discussions before but expressed zero interest in getting baptized. She still comes to church every Sunday with this family. Well President Mansell (Mission president) knows Mandy. He felt impressed to come to church last Sunday but didn't know why. We later figure out it was for Mandy. He talked with her for a good long while and the jist of what he said was It's time to decide, that she knew certain things about this church were true, and she knew certain things were gonna happen in her life and that she needed the guidance of the holy ghost. 
so we fasted and prayed to support Mandy, whatever her decision was. She prayed and prayed, to know if baptism is what she needed to do. She's getting baptized August 8th. Her dad is still working on understanding the WHY of her decision but we are so happy for her! 
MIRACLE #4On Tuesday I got my Tiwi card (permission to drive card) and boy oh boy is sister Gentry excited about that. (she's a little sick of driving) anyway I haven't totaled the car yet, haven't hit a curb, gotten pulled over or gotten hopelessly lost so all that in itself is a miracle. 
(Almost) MIRACLE #5On saturday we went downtown to talk to people at the farmers market! okay. i love the farmers market, and this week was their annual WATERMELON FESTIVAL !!! naturally there was a seed spitting contest... and ya girls both entered it. The winner got a free tshirt and free watermelon so the stake were pretty high... TRAGICALLY ya girl only took second place with a spit of 23 FEET 10 INCHES (first place was a foot longer). But regardless it was a fun time! Also pls go try orange watermelon. it's legit the best thing ever (nothing against red watermelon but seriously go try it).
This week I've really learned the power of prayer. Missionaries pray SO MUCH! which is literally the BEST! I've seen immediate answers to prayers and I've seen answers to prayers come so slowly and over time. But either way I know we have a loving Heavenly Father who hears and answers our every plea for help. Now when you add prayer to the Book of Mormon look out because heaven is gonna fall into your lap and your life will just explode with blessings!! 
I love you all so much, thank you thank you thank you for the letters, packages, love and support!! they all mean the world to me! 
Love,Sister Maloney 

orange watermelon - 10/10
sunsets in oklahoma
My mtc comp at greenie follow up! 


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