July 23, 2018


Wichita Falls Ward


Sister Gentry


This week has been a blast! (also it's so hot and i'm dying but it's fine). Our plan for last pday was to jump at Urban Air (a trampoline park) because it was too hot to do anything outside, and spike ball was out of the question this week bc some missionaries, (definitely not the sisters) broke the rim...
Anyway we're there for like 15 min then 3 buses pull up and dump out SO MANY KIDS. And I'm not about to jump w 60+ little children so we booked it outta there quick, but managed to snag a free pass for next time! Since that plan was busted and we had no back up we naturally played the "what do you wanna do?" game which is how I met Danielle. We asked her if she was bored what she'd do in town but we explained we're missionaries and we can't swim or watch movies or didn't wanna spend a LOT of money. She had just moved from Utah to here (air force Base Shepard) but the Mormons she worked with and went to school with helping her survive through it bc she was broke and they would buy her lunch or groceries. She offered us $20 for our afternoon but we tried to refuse it. She offered to buy us Braum's (ice cream), so of course, we said yes. She was so nice and caring but not really interested in the church. yet. Hope we run into her again. 

There are so many wonderful families in our area, they are all the best. This week we got to visit with a lot of them, we visited Frank and his family super nice. Jamaal said we're all homies so we could stop by any day. We decided to randomly try an investigator named Stevie, his mom is an awesome devoted Catholic and not really down to hear our message but he was. Literally a miracle we got a return appointment and he's reading the Book of Mormon. 
The highlight of this week was for sure Zone conference !! We talked a lot about change, and as a mission, we're going through the church's Addiction Recovery Program. Now, this program is normally used to help people quit smoking or drinking or other addictions like that. But as missionaries, we don't have those kinds of addictions. So the addictions we'll be working on is like being addicted to negative or self-critical thoughts or caring more about what people think than what God thinks, things like that. Our mission presidents hope is that through this program we can rid ourselves of the natural man, and become a saint through Christ. (Mosiah 3:19) Something funny this week, Mitchell (our president's son) just returned from his mission in Ecuador and he said it's hotter here than it ever was in South America. 
Speaking of heat... Yes, breaking news. literally. This week Wichita Falls made history. 

1. last Wednesday we broke a streak by it being hotter than it has been in 38 years

2. Also, Wednesday Wichita Falls was the HOTTEST CITY IN THE NATION WITH A WHOPPING 113 DEGREES and yes we get to bike in this weather, it's honestly not too bad, just feels like that blast of hot air you get in your face when you first open the oven, except it's like that. all day every day. BUT I LOVE IT!! 

On Thursday our car thermometer said it was LITERALLY 116 DEGREES. we got a selfie with a sign that said the same thing to prove it. On Friday sister Gentry went to the eye doctor, she has those cute foldy glasses bc they dilated her eyes so now she's blind but she's still the designated driver so i prayed a lot that day lol. Our investigators, Bill and Carol are literally the cutest things ever, i honestly feel like they're my adoptive grandparents. They feed us, and we get to teach them the gospel and they are eating it up!! 
Linda and Garrick were baptized on Saturday!! Their baptism was literally amazing. The spirit was so strong. Sister Hancock, who taught her for 7 MONTHS until she (Linda) decided to be baptized was able to come from her area in Anadarko for the baptism. I only taught Linda twice but the spirit and love I felt during their baptism were so overwhelming. We got to eat lunch with Linda and her family. Drove over to our little town, Seymour, met a lot of branch members, since like half the ward has been out of town for 3 ish weeks. Got to meet Cagney, an investigator. She is such a neat person! She is dedicated to her family, is super caring and has really strong faith. We were able to talk about eternal families. She's diligently reading from the book of Mormon and slowly seeing blessings from that.

I LOVE seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ change peoples lives. I love seeing it change mine!! The blessings we receive every day are literally endless and i honestly cannot "count my blessings". I promise the Lord is waiting to bless each of you, He wants to be a part of your lives. When we choose to accept Him, is the exact moment He begins to change us for the better. Change is hard, but it's necessary and so so worth it. 
I love you all, I pray for each of you everyday! 

LOVE,Sister Maloney 

-Selfie while we actually melt
-it's still hot even at 9:30pm
-zone conference selfie 


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